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    Chinese New Year in Photos

    Chinese New Year in 2021 was a special one for us, not because of the locations as we always stay at home, but due to our guests we had over. We have six guests joining us to learn more about Chinese New Year traditions and especially how a Cantonese family celebrates the beginning of the new year. If you want to see more on what we did during Chinese New Year, check out this video below on YouTube. For more interesting content about life in Guangzhou, check out our channel Guangzhou Expat

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    Spending Christmas in China, again

    This year was supposed to be the first year that we spend the Christmas in Finland with my family, we all know now that all those plans went to waste this year. Instead we are again trying to make the…

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    Living abroad and away from my family

    Last time I wrote about why I moved to China and enjoy living here. Even I like living in China and don’t plan to move back to Finland in the near future, it doesn’t make it any easier to be…

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    What makes me want to stay in China?

    Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about those foreigners that come to China and not only stay here for a while, but make their permanent home here. I know more and more expats, or shall we call them immigrants, who…