Chinese lessons in Guangzhou

Learn Chinese in Guangzhou

What is Expat Chinese?


Mandarin Chinese lessons from expat to expats. Expat Chinese offers high quality Chinese lessons for all levels, both group courses and individual tutoring.

Founder and head teacher Sara Jaaksola combines Western and Chinese teaching methods for the Expat Chinese curriculum.

Center is located in the beautiful GTLand Summer Plaza in Zhujiang New Town, but lessons can be arranged at student’s home or office as well.

Besides Mandarin lessons, Expat Chinese organizes monthly student outings, cultural workshops and learning challenge groups in WeChat.


Why should I choose Expat Chinese?


Expert teachers guide you through learning Chinese. As an Expat Chinese student you will always have an access to both head teacher Sara and a native Chinese teacher. Together as a team we will create a study plan for you and guide you on how to reach your goals.

Do you know what level you want to reach? We will tell you how to get there. Do you know how much time you have for learning Chinese? We can tell you what level you can realistically reach. No false promises!

As an expat Chinese student you will also have the following benefits

– Priority to enroll for conversational lessons with weekly themes

– Priority to enroll for our cultural workshops

– Free student outings and gatherings around Guangzhou

– Participating in monthly challenges on WeChat

– Free WeChat group with a native speaker intern to answer your questions


What kind of lessons do we offer?


– Private 1on1 lessons tailored for your needs

– Private groups for friends or colleagues

– Courses each semestery, Autumn, Spring and Summer semesters. Different levels from beginners to more advanced.

– Conversational lessons with weekly themes for beginners and intermediate learners

– Corporate and consulate training in Mandarin Chinese language and culture

– Something missing? We can create a course for you!


More information


Autumn 2018 Course Catalogue PDF

Private lessons for individuals and groups PDF

For corporate and consulate training please contact us for information.


If you have WeChat, please follow our public account that also serves as our website.

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