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What is Expat Chinese?

Learn Chinese in Guangzhou

Expat Chinese is a new Chinese learning center opened by Sara Jaaksola (that’s me, the admin and writer behind this blog!) in Guangzhou. Expat Chinese strives to offer quality Mandarin lesson for foreigners living in Guangzhou and online students around the world.

As the owner and head teacher, Sara designes all courses and supervises them. She teaches many courses and lessons her self too. Expat Chinese also has full-time and part-time Chinese teachers who all have degrees and rich experience in teaching Chinese. The quality of the teaching and courses is for upmost importance at Expat Chinese.

Tell us what you want to reach and we tell you how you can get there. Or tell us your goal and we advice you how much work you need to put in in order to achieve it. When you choose Expat Chinese you won’t be lost, but can trust our expertise in choosing the study methdods, schedule and materials according to your needs.

For more information, click the pictures below to view the Expat Chinese brochure:

You can also download our PDF brochure by clicking here.

Courses and tutoring


Expat Chinese offers 1on1 private tutoring, group tutoring, courses and online teaching.

Our on going courses Spring 2018:

  • Beginner Chinese (4 groups)
  • HSK Level 1 Characters
  • Elementary reading and writing
  • American International School teachers and spouses
  • HSK3 Level conversational course
  • Beginners conversational course

New courses starting in June 2018:

  • Beginner Chinese, starting from zero
  • Beginner Chinese 2, continues from Spring semester
  • HSK Level 1 Characters
  • HSK Level 2 characters
  • HSK3 Level conversational course
  • Beginners conversational course
  • Real life Chinese Corner

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To get more information on learning Chinese or to register for our courses, please contact us: