Sara’s Mandarin Monday: Introducing my schedule in Chinese (video clip)


This week’s video took me longer than a day to upload (that’s also the reason why there’s no Youtube version yet), but here it finally is! In this short video clip I show you my schedule for the semester. If you are interested, I could introduce my lessons (in English) a little bit better later on when I’ve tried them all. I got some new courses because this semester I started my Teaching Chinese lessons (other option was Business Chinese).

Any kind of meaningful feedback is welcomed! I really hope that shooting these short videos will help me to improve my spoken Chinese. Even though it’s painful to watch them!


Sara’s Mandarin Monday: 新的学期来了!

There is something strange happening in the video after 01:15. My voice suddenly starts getting slower and slower like I turn into a man! I try to fix it, but until that I hope you atleast have fun!

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Shortly in English: In this short video I’m explaining why this Mondarin Monday is on Tuesday and what are my plans for the week. New term at the university is beginning and I’m looking forward to it!

Let me know your thought about my current level at spoken Chinese. Thank you!





星期日我们去新安古城参观。那个小村很有意思,但是大部分古老的大楼已经拆了。很多人跟我们打招呼,叫“hello,hello”。 可能很少外国人去那里看一下,所以他们对外国人特别好奇。晚上我们去了东门步行街,那边有很多商店,很多饭馆。好像年经人喜欢去那里玩,逛街。

今天早上我们决定坐公()车去大鹏所城。 我对历史特别感兴趣,所以喜欢参观古老的地方。如果你住在深圳,或者去那里旅游,我建议你去大鹏所城看一下。在那里你可以看到以前的中国人是怎么样生活。但是那个地方只不是(不只是)个博物馆,现在还有很多家庭住在那里。

你们去过深圳吗?Have you been to Shenzhen?


It’s been a busy week in Guangzhou

A year ago one Finnish girl come to Guangzhou for a student exchange. She was here only for few months, but she gained a lot from those months. After going back to Finland she set up her own company and started doing her own business. Now that friend of mine is in Guangzhou for two weeks and we have been shopping from morning til dawn.

During last year I’ve helped her to buy lot of different products from Guangzhou and sent them to Finland. Doing business, even small one, in Chinese isn’t always that easy. People might lie and do all kind of tricks to get you pay a higher price or to save their face when making a mistake. Best advice is to believe no-one and to check everything your self.

Of course there also are amazing shop owners that give you the best of service and help you to fix the broken goods even you forgot to bring the invoice. But China isn’t really famous from it’s customer service. In many cases the more you pay the better service you get and when you get no service at all, then you are treated like a local and you didn’t overpay.

Me and my friend will leave to Shenzhen today and be back on Monday. Is there something interesting to see or experience in Shenzhen? I’ve heard that it’s like small Guangzhou, but some people seem to prefer Shenzhen over Guangzhou.