2013 South China Book Festival In Guangzhou


If you live in Guangzhou and want to find some cheap English books, you should head to the Book Festival that is open until the 22nd. It’s free to enter and you can see the opening hours on the tickets below. You can find the Book Festival at the Canton Fair complex by taking the metro to Pazhou station and walking to exit A.


Most of the books are from the mainland and printed in simplified Chinese, but you can also find books from Taiwan and Hong Kong. Hong Kong pavilion has English books too, but they are more expensive than on the International Pavilion.

So for English books head to the area 13.2 and find the International Pavilion (国际馆) marked in the map. They have a good collection there and prices start from around 20RMB.


This year was my second the Book Festival, but unfortunately I wasn’t as lucky as last year. A year ago I bought six books in English, but this time I only bought one. I was looking for anything about China or from Chinese authors, but the collection was much different from last year. They had some interesting books at the Hong Kon pavilion, but those were too expensive.


You can also find lots of stationary and calligraphy products at the Guangzhou Book Festival. We bought three big notebooks for 10RMB.

If you’re a book lover looking for books in English, simplified or traditional Chinese, this fair is definitely for you.