Chinese courses in Guangzhou – Expat Chinese Autumn 2018

Chinese courses in Guangzhou


Autumn 2018 is here! This time of the year is always very exciting time at my Chinese language center, Expat Chinese. Meeting new students again after Summer holidays and making new friends with our new comers. New courses are starting and all of our teachers are eager to get the Autumn rolling.

When I started teaching Chinese back in 2014, and even when I officially started Expat Chinese in January 2017, I would never have known that it would grow to be such an excellent Chinese learning center as it is now. And this is just the beginning! Expat Chinese is definitely my dream come true.

Our Autumn semester starts next week and some of our courses still have spots available. Please see the picture above for more details.


View to modern Guangzhou – Huacheng Square

Liwan district is my favorite part of old Guangzhou, but for modern view I head to Huacheng Square and the long park that runs North to South between Zhujiang New Town and Liede. Luckily my office is right next to the park!

The park is beautiful during the day and magnificent after dark when all the lights are lit!

Huacheng Square is a must place to visit for anyone traveling or living in Guangzhou. You can find the Opera House, new library and Guangdong Museum at the South part of the square. With a beautiful view of the Canton Tower.

On the photo above, taken from the Four Seasons Hotel at 72nd floor, you can see the library on the left, Guangdong Museum is the black building and the Liede bridge n the background. I cross that bridge everyday to work.

The Guangdong Museum has a great exhibition on the history and culture of the province.

In the evening there are water, light and music shows, but they can be very crowded so be careful.

All in all, Huacheng Square is a great place to visit and take visitors as well.