5 Reasons To Hate China

During my time in Guangzhou I’ve met people with different stages of culture shock, sometimes it seems that they really hate China. 

Here are some of the ugly comments I’ve heard from others:

1. It’s dirty. People drink their coke and dump the bottle in the ground. When closing their shop for the night they take the garbage and throw them outside on the street.

2. They are disgusting. They spit, burp and fart right in front of you. The lady selling you vegetables uses to pick her nose by her fingers.

3. Traffic will kill you. They don’t care about any kind of rules. Red light is not red if there isn’t a police officer reminding it. They speed and overtake you like they’re in F1.

4. Food is inedible. You can have all sorts of disgusting creatures on your plate even you didn’t order them. They eat steak with a rice. And when it’s the hottest day of the summer they don’t have any water in the restaurant but they’ll ask if you would like a cup of tea.

5. They are stupid. They can’t solve any problem that requires creative thinking. They sit on the aisle side of the seat in the bus even the window seat is free. They keep the door open when they have air conditioner on. There’s so many reasons to hate Chinese people.

China is everything. It can be like this if you are only concentrating in the negative things. But is that really the way to see another culture?

I think complaining about everything is NOT the way to live in a new culture so head over to 5 reasons to love China!

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  1. Haha! You posted this after about 3 weeks in China yes?

    Everyone goes through exactly these feelings after a little while here!

    Nice blog. :)

  2. Thanks for your comment Chinaren. Actually it was over 4 months after coming to China. I kind of missed my culture chock, but this is what I heard a lot around me. At least for now I’m more keen to find the reason to what’s happening in China. But lets see if I get to this complaining point later :)

    And you have a very interesting blog too!

  3. “They sit on the aisle side of the seat in the bus even the window seat is free. They keep the door open when they have air conditioner on.”

    Haha! That’s GREAT! I thought I was the only person who noticed the first and have to CONSTANTLY fight with my students about the second!

    Oh, and I love watching them open umbrellas on the bus or hop from side to side like a ping pong ball to avoid the sun! ;)

  4. John, I see it every time I take the bus. And if you want to sit on the window seat they won’t stand up, they just move their legs a tiny bit and you almost sit on their lap when reaching the seat next to him.

    Pinky Reply:

    I thought I was the only one notice this. Every time I get on a bus, I see these people. They take the seats by the aisle so people can’t access the inner seats. I talked about this with a classmate of mine and she said I was oversensitive!

    Sara Reply:

    Chinese people them selves don’t seem to mind this behaviour. They see the aisle seat as the best seat because it’s more convenient to get off the bus and during summer it doesn’t shiny so directly to that seat.

  5. China is becoming more and more dangerous. They have more disposable wealth, more technology, more roads and cars, but they don’t really know much about life. Do they know what love is? Has Truth any impact on their consciences? Can empathy find a place among them? Everything seems so superficial. The most dangerous thing about China is it’s stupidity. It is relentless and unshakeable. But you know stupidity undermines goodness; only deliberate evil is more evil than stupidity!

  6. esteems, What makes you think that Chinese people doesn’t know what love is?

    I can understand the truth part because the truth doesn’t always matter. Anything you ask they can just answer with 没有 meiyou, which literally mean don’t have but can also mean that they don’t want to tell you, they don’t you to know that they don’t know or just that they are too sleepy to do anything right now.

    You think Chinese people are stupid? Maybe because they don’t seem to have common sense? I have to admit that sometimes I think that too. But if I’m talking in English with them maybe their language skills just aren’t good enough to show their intelligence. Or if I’m talking in Chinese maybe my Chinese isn’t good enough. And if you read some history you will soon find out that for many years Chinese people were discouraged to think on their own.

  7. “You think Chinese people are stupid?”

    Absolutely not, at least not in the academic sense.

    “Maybe because they don’t seem to have common sense?”


    “And if you read some history you will soon find out that for many years Chinese people were discouraged to think on their own.”

    Not WERE…ARE. Always remember, in China 枪打出头鸟 (The bird that sticks its neck out gets shot first.)

  8. Thanks for commenting John! And yes, I think you are right that it’s ARE. I’m just wondering is it going to change anytime soon.

  9. “I’m just wondering is it going to change anytime soon.”

    Absolutely not. The Chinese government NEEDS to keep the people uninformed, docile and focused solely on getting rich. Otherwise the 井底之蛙 may actually want to hop out of the well and cause all sorts of problems.

    I asked my students today what language is spoken in Mexico…they all answered “English.”

    The frog is very comfy, indeed.

    Interestingly, I have a 15 year-old student (frog) who is going to live in Finland next year. The culture shock will indeed be palpable, I’m sure…

    Finlanren Reply:

    hmm, I think she should pack a lot of Chinese food, because you can only buy noodles in Finland in Thai shops, that’s about it

  10. John, I’m really surprised to learn that your student is going to Finland. I can assure that it will be both eye opening and exciting experience. Many foreign students in Finland are surprised how dark, cold and lonely the Autumn and Winter can be. But when you survive from that then it will be the great Spring and Summer! But abosulety it will be an educational year for her because the education is top class in Finland. I hope she will enjoy her time there.

  11. heh, to counter-balance this blog entry, here is another opinion by another Finn

    -It’s just great out here in Beijing. The food’s just amazing, I mainly eat Chinese food, but also Korean BBQ, authentic Thai etc. They’ve got every type of cuisine (including Finnish, where on earth could you find a Finnish restaurant far from Finland, except in Beijing of course). Moreover, they have stuff like vastly improved Pizza Hut products due to Chinese design. My experience of Pizza Hut is that in the UK it is not good at all, only the buffet is worth going to because it’s cheap. Yet in Beijing I would not even know that I’m eating Pizza Hut, it’s so different and so much better. And then there is cheap places like Origus, with pizza, ice cream and beer buffet all for about 6e, but of course you should not get drunk in a buffet place, because no Chinese is drunk there.

    -I’ve got respect for the Chinese because of their high values. These people don’t live for the instant gratification (meaning they don’t rush to satisfy their instant urges blindly, but instead harbour deeper thoughts and goals in their heads).

    -Not many countries get, for example, special Japanese products as cheap as the Chinese, and very few countries get them at all. Plus China can design and produce very high quality products.

    -The people in general, I like the way many men are sort of philosophical and funny

    -Deeply ingrained culture of hospitality meaning people are nice! (though it is not easy to find sufficient measures of reciprocation. Personally as a man I am not into shopping hundreds of gifts each year)

    -Great opportunity to expand one’s thinking for a Westerner, because it’s a different world out there and they have slightly different outlook on life.

    -Traditional Chinese Medicine is at moment curing me from always very easily feeling cold in my feet and palms, feels great and warm. Moreover, the doctor listened to my pulse without knowing a thing about me and then concluded many medical things about me that I knew were correct, but she knew them from just taking my pulse, which certainly is above the comprehension of Western doctors.

    -China has some awesome places from desert thrill rides on four wheels to beautiful landscapes in the wild. Cities, well, I only know Beijing really, and it is gorgeus, it takes a bit of getting used to because of the culture shock, but it definetely has its charm and made me miss it a lot and its food while back in Europe. It is this huge bustling metropolis with a lot exciting things always going on, compared to its American counterparts that might seem boring in comparison. In Beijing you won’t end up walking down tons of streets without street vendors and there is always something new just behind the corner. And it comes with hutongs and thousands of years of history. And it has something like Central Park in NY, but I like it better. Well, there is no need to blabber, just go check it out on http://bj.city8.com which is China’s Google street view tool, encompassing Beijing and tens of other Chinese cities allowing one walk in the virtual streets..

    here is a link to a street where people are just about to say hi to the cameraman


    Sara Reply:

    So nice to hear your opinions about China Finlanren! I have been in Beijing for two weeks last year and I do like the city very much. Actually it was my plan to go there to study, but then I meet the special one and stayed in Guangzhou, which is pretty good place for me too. I totally agree that coming to China, which is so different compared to Western countries, is a good opportunity to learn more about one self and other cultures. I also agree that people are usually nice, but their behaviour depends on are you foreigner or not and if you truly know them or not. Chinese people are curious to know about foreigners, but when people shout hello to you all the time, it’s not so nice anymore. In the outside they smile, but if you want to know what they truly think, it takes time.

  12. :D That it is! My now ex-(tibetan)boyfriend accused me of being dirty when I lifted dogs food bowl above the table while he and his friends were spitting and throwing sigaret butts everywhere in our apartment

  13. you forgot about the squatting toilets… that;s the most disgusting thing i can think of in asian countries or china

    Sara Reply:

    Squat toilet is ok as long as you don’t hurt your knee, like I did. With a knee that can’t bend, it’s a challenge to use Chinese toilets!

  14. Actually i found your blog interesting and I have been here 4yrs and most of the things that were written in this blog seems to portrait the real-china-people!!! hahaha……i’m willing to contribute my experiences i have had “if” i get a reply from you!!!

    Keep up the good work enlightening all “laowai’s! who are preparing to come to china for whichever purposes.



    Sara Reply:

    Nice to hear from you fellow laowai! It would be interesting to know where you’re from and what you do here in China.

  15. After 7 years of teaching in China I am finally back in Australia. All you have written in this page article is true, at least for us Westerners.

    Blackinchina Reply:

    Your right! I’m a black guy and I have been here in 中国 for four years, I just can’t understand the mentality of these chinese people. Very funny indeed, they look down upon “us” and really….we laugh at them as ever seen “fools”!!!

    Zheng Xu Reply:

    You niggers have the lowest IQ. You have no right to call us fools. 黑鬼是猩猩.

  16. I read many of your blog entries and myself I have been coming to China for the past 20 years or more and still see China as a primitive place and wonder how they can arrive to a growth every year and how all the world needs to trade with them. You’re right, they spit every where, offer hot drinks on a hot day and frustrate you when you are in a mess and need information then they get into long and long conversations then come back at you with stupid answers or none. Yet, they are growing economically faster than any body! It puzzles me. But they are funny as hell when you get closer to them and very warm. Not to forget that their mouths smell like hell when you near them by chance, this alone makes me stay away from them.

    Sara Reply:

    It’s a hard thing to learn that one culture is different from ours, not necessarily better or worse.

    Blackinchina Reply:

    Yea, Mofeed! Your absolutely correct. Chinese to me are not civilised. I began to wonder why people are keen of coming to china? I am from Africa and I found china one of the dirtest country ever in the world. Yes, Africa is underdevelop BUT we are far more better in mental understanding than this chinese people…………I’m planning to write a small book about my horror experiences here in china!!!

    Zheng Xu Reply:

    A black calling Chinese uncivilized! We Han people created our own civilization. You blacks have never created anything.

    “we are far more better in mental understanding than this chinese people”
    Blacks have an average IQ of 85. You’re not smarter than us.

  17. I’ve been living in Guangzhou (aka cockroach-city), China since 2009 and as a Germany-born and raised Chinese, I was (and still kinda am) utterly ashamed of this country of my supposed roots based on my experiences.

    At the same time, this country has improved. It was worse back then and I think we have unintentionally high expectations from China because the media is blowing it up as one of the biggest front-runner economically. It’s still not a real modern country (especially from the mentality of the people).

    I think, it’s not too cliché when I say it isn’t the worst place to live (or to be stuck?), but I’ll be happy when the time has come and I can finally get the hell out of here. Already for the fact that facebook and youtube (and even google at times— BIIIG SIGH!) are blocked in here.

    Sara Reply:

    I agree that China needs a lot of improvement in many areas, but it’s good to remember that a lot of improvement have already happened during the last 30 years. Every country always has a room for more imrpovement. There are things that I disagree in China, but unfortunately there seem to be nothing I can do. I also see that it’s not my place to change things here, only to observe.

  18. i only know when i figure out when they’re from china… is when they smile, their teeth is rotten black or crooked so badly they don’t give a shit.. and oh yes, they have extremely bad breath… from eating those insects and too much pork

    Sara Reply:

    Too much pork gives you bad breath?

  19. as a chinese, I totally agree with your view about China. The toilet is a disaster for everyone. China need do a lot of thing to improve the whole country. It’s just the beginning of Long March.

  20. In fact, you only see a small part of China’s advantages, I just want to say, the Chinese are too many people want to achieve this civilization like the United States or Japan need a lot of time to adapt to China’s only a few decades to build civilization , China in 1949 until the end of the war. It has been very great!

  21. My wife is Chinese. What I can’t understand every time I come here is their obsession for food. 90% of the family’s daily conversations is around food! It’s like they are completely brainwashed. Sometimes while eating lunch my father in law will ask me what I want to eat for TOMORROW’S lunch?! FFS man I appreciate the care but take one day at a time!

    Sara Reply:

    Ha, food really is super important to Chinese people. Beginning from ”吃饭了没有?“

    HapaBoy Reply:

    And there is a saying in China: “民以食為先”。

  22. I find that most Chinese people have a main symptom of autism – unable to understand that other beings have thoughts and feelings. That answers pretty much everything here.

    Sitting on the aisle seat in buses when the window seat is empty, they don’t understand that other people feel uncomfortable standing.

    Throwing garbage on streets, they don’t understand that it disgusts others.

    In classes, they often watch YouTube videos on their laptops, unable to understand that it distracts other students.

    You can find a horrifying YouTube video of Chinese fur farmers pulling the skin off animals while they are still alive. Do they not understand that animals feel pain?

    I have an endless list of things like these. If you are Chinese, what is it like from your perspective?

    Sara Reply:

    I think that because of lot of things that have happened in the past, Chinese people care about the people close to them (family and friends), also care about those who might be helpful to themselves. But all the other people are just strangers and there isn’t enough time to care all of them. And right now in China if you are too polite you usually don’t get things done.

    p.s. My original meaning of this post was to let people think why they always complain about China and if that’s the best way to live here.

    Canuck Reply:

    I was actually referring to Chinese people in Canada. According to the census, in Vancouver where I live, half the population is Chinese. Of course it’s not just Chinese people that do the things I described, but I find they are 5+ times more likely to.

    The languages they learn may be a reason. In Mandarin, every word has it’s own symbol, so there are thousands of symbols to learn. Learning that kind of language would make high use of the temporal lobes, which are parts of the brain behind instinctual, illogical kind of behavior. Compare that to English, which uses logical rules to form thousands of words using 26 letters. That kind of language makes higher use of the frontal lobes, which are behind logical, conservative, rational kind of behavior.

    So our observations aren’t racist. There is neurological reasoning behind the way they act.

    Dylan Reply:

    Sorry to tell you but that’s utter rubbish that you’re spreading out. Just look at the Chinese living in Hong Kong or Singapore. They also learn Chinese characters but do they behave like the Chinese from mainland China? Hell no! It’s primarily the educational upbringing that shapes the way people think and act.

    Another Chinese Canadian Guy Reply:

    The latest census shows that the city of Vancouver is 30% Chinese, not half.

    Vincent Richard Odeh Reply:


  23. i hate the name “china” cause it comes with every low quality and fake goods

    Zheng Xu Reply:

    “low quality and fake goods” like 5th generation stealth fighters and Beidou navigation system.

  24. It’s kinda funny Sara how you say Chinese are stupid for sitting on the aisle in the bus and then later sort of defending Chinese for doing that by saying they think it’s more convenient to get off the bus or the window seat is very hot in summer (which is true by the way).

    Sara Reply:

    You should read my post again more carefully ;) As I implied, with this post I wanted to get discussion about is it really necessary to be complaining about China all the time, wouldn’t it be better to just try to adjust?

    Those reasons to hate China aren’t my own. They’re gathered from many different foreigners.

    Shelly Reply:

    But if they come into my neighborhood, shouldn’t they learn to adjust to our culture? Because they definitely are not. 

  25. on 5:the reason for them to sit on the aisle side when the window seat’s  free is to discourage people from sitting next to them so they can have more space.  really selfish reason.  the intent is to make whomever wants that seat to take the hassle of getting in and out ( don’t expect them to get up or move their legs so you can get through). 
    on 4: usually restaurants give you tap water.

    2: well, there’s not much to say about that although you see that less when you are in bigger international cities like Hong Kong or Shanghai. 
    1: i’ve seen worse.   sometimes they dump their garbage in front of other people’s houses.

    Mac Jamie Reply:

    im also like that, dont want people sitting next to me so i yake the aisle. they aleays move for me. but they do lean into u a bit, like thry got no regard for your space, which in China,is seen as yhe others space

  26. Hi Sara
    I have been reading some of your blogs and i enjoy them tremendously. You also take very good pictures that tell a story and that makes it even more interesting
    I live in South Africa and there is a fairly large Chinese community close to my house and because of my studies (TEFL or ESL) I started tutoring English to the more resent residents of ‘China Town’ .
    I guess this is my preview of china before i go anyway I find the Chinese people extremely friendly and inviting everyone will invite you in from the street to have tea if you stand still and look remotely interested .Is this the same for you now? And lots of your photos it really looks clean or is it that my standard are just so low?
    Johannesburg is not the cleanest, definitely not like any city in Sweden or Europe for that matter.

    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    Hi Nico, so nice to hear that you have been enjoyning my blog.

    Big cities in China are quite clean in my opinon, that’s because there are lot of people cleaning the city as their work or they recycle things for living. The smaller a city the dirtier it seems to be. For me cleaniness is only a problem in the bathroom, otherwise I’m not that picky.

    Chinese people are curious and interested about me quite a lot because I’m a foreigners, a white girl no less. Strangers don’t really ask me to their homes and reastaurant/shop staff do it for their work, even though it can be a boost if they get to talk with a foreigners at the same time. Basically in Finland no one would pay so much attention to me than they do here in China.

  27. Haven’t been to China, but have had many experiences with their culture in my hometown in Canada. At first I thought some of them were very nice…however…a family signed their son up for music lessons with me. They brought him for the first 4 weeks. Then they stopped showing up, not calling, anything. After the third week of this I went to their home to find out what was going on. The wife said “Oh, yeah. My husband, he depressed. we no come anymore.” Are you serious? thanks for the call. A Chinese variety store owner I know once had a group of Jamaican filed workers in her store. They too can be rude…they were opening boxes to see the product, stalling the checkout line by counting pennies and asking for 100 different things. In all fairness, they are a rude culture as well. But when they left, she mumbled under her breath “niggers” That killed it for me. You’re in MY country, only because you want to exploit our economic opportunities. You want nothing to do with us white folks…and you, a visible minority, have the nerve to be racist….go back on the slow boat, chinks.

    Rockybodhi85 Reply:

    chinks are nothing but a bunch of no good waste of space rodents! they make me ill just looking at them. hork, pick there nose and smell like shit all the time. get the fuck out of canada

    Jburrows1972 Reply:

    It is always upsetting when another race comes to Canada, wants nothing to do with Canadians, bitches about our lifestyle and takes what they can for their own gain, giving nothing back. The original idea behing immigration was to build this country. Now we have millions of unemployed Canadians, yet because we have to have our token minorities, who are guaranteed jobs and given businesses to run, we starve our own people in fear of offending someone. If you are proud of your culture, go back there. We need to take care of Canadians first. There is no room at the inn when our own people go without work and a paycheque. This variety store owner..the Chinese woman, once said to me “Oh, you Canadians..you make 1 dollar, you spend two. The chinese make one dollar, they only spend 20 cents…we smart.” Be that what it may, don’t insult my people…go the fuck home.

    Shelly Reply:

    They are taking over NY also. As a New Yorker, I live in a big mixing pot of people, so growing up I feel it’s kind of hard to be racist. But now that the Chinese immagrants have taken over my neighborhood, I find it much pretty easy to despise a group a group of people. Basically in the past 5 – 10 years my Brooklyn neighborhood has had a 50% plus influx of Chinease immagrants, that means 50% more spit loogies I have to dodge on the sidewalk, 50% more garbage being thrown into the street (even though there are trash cans at every corner), 50% more snot rockets on the sidewalk and smeared on buildings and trees, 50% more rotten fruit/vegetables all over the sidewalk, 50% more nasty fish markets making the entire area REEK and 50% more yelling/screaming since they can’t seem to talk at a decent sound decimal.
    Now I will say I have no problem with the up and coming Chinese Americans, they are not carrying on the filthy habits of their parents or Grandparents. A few of my friends say they are actually pretty embarrassed of them.
    My best friends are Korean and won’t even come to my neighbor because they hate the Chinese and the place is now flooded with them. I know a bunch of people who have moved because it’s so dirty and smelly now, unfortunately I don’t have the money to afford a new place or I would move also.
    They say they love China so much, so F-ing move back! They don’t even make an attempt to live how we do, they have no respect, why would I want them here?
    They come to this country, have no desire to learn our language or our culture, once they are settled in, they move their entire extended family here (which I am still perplexed as to how they all got their green card) and live as disgustingly as they did in mainland China, having no respect for the fact that WE DON’T LIVE LIKE THAT! Oh and it seems their entire life’s purpose is to get a seat on the train.They never wait until people get off the train before pushing and shoving their way through trying to grab a seat. Just the other day this women almost knocked over this 10 yr old boy darting for a seat. When people actually usaid something to her she just sits there with a grin on her face acting as if she doesn’t understand. They will never give up their seat for a pregnant or elderly person, if their stop is about to come up they wave to another Chinese person to take the seat.
    They have taken over locations in Queens and Manhattan also, making it unbearable for normal people to live.There was an article in the paper about how a whole block of people moved out of Flushing because the wind carried the garbage and fish smell into their homes.
    So call me racist, but I really don’t give a crap, because I am and it’s because of them, and I’m pretty sure they feel the same way about the rest of us. If you got woken up every day at 5am to them rummaging through my trash for bottles & cans and then other members come in half hour intervals doing the same damn thing until around 9am, then you tell me you would like these people.
    AHHHH it feels so good to vent!

    Zheng Xu Reply:

    Those “Chinese” are China’s ethnic minorties. We don’t blame White Americans for the behaviours of blacks.

    Barbara Reply:

    aha, right. next time when I’ll see someone who drops garbage on the ground or lets his children to urinate on the sidewalk I’ll say “hey, you can’t be Han Chinese, you must be Wa or Naxi or Bai or whatever”… seriously, Zheng Xu, if only minorities would act like this and the majority of Chinese people (Han) would be so perfect – China would be much cleaner… but anyway… “Those “Chinese” are China’s ethnic minorties. We don’t blame White Americans for the behaviours of blacks.” wow, and who’s being racist here?…

    Jack Reply:

    Clearly you don’t see his point Barbara.
    Is it okay to make categorical blanket statement on ALL Chinese because of the action of the minority few??

    Jack Reply:

    Also, China is not the only country with public urination – as matter of fact, I been to dozen countries and its the same in every country I been to – many are far worst offender (India for example – public urination/defecation is norm), also in developed countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, and USA – after friday/saturday night – streets and parks (and even metro/subway) near the pubs are usually smell like urine and vomit. I seen with my own two eyes quite often this kind of behavior by ADULTS in these supposely developed countries – and yet it would be “okay” to point a finger and single out China as dirty when clearly China is not the only offender. Its not fair comment – its mostly driven by racist bias.

    Just another chinese Reply:

    give me a break.. she didn’t write this post out of hatred, arrogance or spike. She’s not a red neck, or a naive hick towner who’s never been out of her homeland. How can you scream “racism” being portrayed in this post? You’re just being oversensitive or just too self righteous

    Jburrows1972 Reply:

    And what I said to the store owner was this, as she was bitching about people asking for credit in the store..”There are Canadians out of work everywhere, which is why some people ask you for credit…but the government gave you a store…go figure.” I understand that different cultures think in different ways, but when you’re a guest in someone’s house, you don’t insult the way they do things…you follow our way of doing things or go back to your own home.

    Jerry Reply:

    you two rednecks please shut the fuck up,  you racist fuck always blame the immigrants for stealing your jobs whenever the economy goes into recessions, in fact, more people would be unemployed without the immigrants contributing to this country.  Recknecks please learn some history, Americas and Austrialia are the Immigration countries. What do you think you are huh? are you Aboringinal people? if you are not Aboringinals, shut the fuck up. Do you really think Columbus discovered the “new continent”? Tell me, How could you discover a “new” continnent when there were first nations living there?  All the white in Canada should be shame about your colonial history, be very shame about how your ancestors treated the Aboringinal people, now you want to blame the Chinese going to Canada? If you are not happy with the Chinese in Canada, you fuck can go back to Europe or Africa or wherever you are from….really want to kill all you mudafukers.

    Vincent Richard Odeh Reply:


    Zheng Xu Reply:

    The Han people are not chinks. Fuck you.

  28. I’m deleting comments with too much bad language. Keep it civil here if you want to post your comments!

    Jerry Reply:

    oop,  sorry Sara, I didn’t mean to use bad language, neither was I too angry,  I use bad language because we are on Internet..haha, its fine, its your blog, you have the right to delete them  

    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

     I’m sure we can all make our points without too many f***’s :)

  29. that is most fuck racist article i ever read. I am white but i have 5 reason why i hate USA
    1.US government attack Afghanistan used the name of “free their people out of terror” but US actually want their supplies.
    2. US want to use united nations’ army forces to attack North Korea but China and Russia didn’t agree. US want revenge.
    3. Chinese government want the china sea but on a side US make news say Chinese are greedy and it is not even their business!
    4.US want to keep their strongest country title and do anything to destroy other country.
    5. Everybody knows how dirty New York was. Not include US has small population.

    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    You didn’t read it carefully enough zacharyddr. Check out the first and the last lines in order to get my point ;)

    Chou Laojiu Reply:

    You are illinformed, what Afghan supplies are you referring too? Opium? United Nations’ army forces? What the hell are you talking about? Your comment about China’s bogus claims to the entire south China Sea, to include the littoral waters of the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, and Vietnam is absurd, the U.S. media isn’t calling China “greedy,” it’s reporting that China’s claims are disputed by other claimants, and that they are not in accordance with international laws and norms. But then when has China ever cared about law? As for your fourth remark, it is equally idiotic. Of course the U.S. would like to remain the sole global super power, but U.S. realizes that it is a multipolar world, destroying any country is not an option–not even Iran, and certainly not China. Besides, the U.S. doesn’t even need to destroy China, the Chinese are taking care of that all by themselves. Finally comparing New York–which certainly has it’s problems–to Beijing, Shanghai, or Guanzhou is ludicrous. Where New York has Central Park, Beijing has a giant slab of concrete; where New York has clean air, potable drinking water, and waste bins, Beijing has choking skies and garbage strewn streets; where Beijing has parents who let their children urinate on sidewalks, New York has citizens who know how to use a toilet. It’s about culture, and mainland China for all its boasting about 5000 years of history, Confucian values etc, just doesn’t compare with the developed world.

    Vincent Richard Odeh Reply:


  30. you should’ve visit japan too. then you’d know the differnce. chinese character wound not change.all we have to do is beat china and chinks

    Zheng Xu Reply:

    The Han race gave civilization to you ungratful and dirty Japanese. Death to 倭奴.

  31. I dislike china because chinese are forced to live with the codes and traditional mindset brought down by the people. I can’t have my own thoughts like ‘being a borg sharing a collective mind with the queen’. So I break many rules just to be myself.

  32. Everybody seems have pretty negative experience with Chinese. I am always identified as Japanese or Korean, at least Taiwanese, but I hate to be called like that. China has big population and education has been totally ruined in past 4 decades under C..rulership. If you tend to generalize Chinese, that will be extremely offensive and proves that you also fall into the category of ignorance and stupidity. Wish commentators be intelligent and wise. I used to have disputes regarding project solutions, but never humiliate the general Japanese.

  33. Your message clearly displayed a phenomenal usage of discrimination. Instead of promoting a different view of cultures you are spreading ethnocentrism(Google it). Indeed as a american historian from Yale, I know that things are not perceived as they are. In fact Americans waste quadruple the amount of food/water/luxuries…etc. However we only have a fourth/fifth of the Chinese population. Open up and learn to respect culture and do you really think food is inedible? Did you really think this through while writing this. Its blatant in a sense that you cannot push away the propaganda and simply write an opinionated piece. A good example is “Ce Chi” is called being gracious and respectful. Think. Have you ever been to China?? They leave the window seat open because air flows into the bus(seat) quicker and so they can get up to let older people or disabled people sit. I would argue they’re so many reasons to hate ignorant people, Like you.

    Jason Reply:

    No offences taken.

    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    If this comment was for me then you clearly didn’t read the post I wrote. Just a quick tip, read the last lines too.

    fu bairen Reply:

    Jason, I agree that everyone should have an open mind about every experience in a new country. Having lived in China for 2 months (albeit a small fraction of time) I tried to look at the bright side of things and smile and wave when people stare on the streets and on the metro. I then went to a bar, got drugged and luckily realized what happened and left. I then got my phone stolen out of my pocket in the leather market place by a crazy man shaking me. I find that there are many people that are very friendly and will buy you a beer and offer cigs even though you don’t know them, but in general I have found that the majority of the people in Guangzhou are very cold and the expats are people who pretend to be millionaires when they clearly are not. People are people everywhere but when you queue in a line you should show some respect. No reason to cut in front. In general….. F@uck Guangzhou. I hear the north is better.

    john wesr Reply:

    trust me the north isnt better either. china sucks. its designed and made only for the chinese. foreigner having to stay for a long periode will eventually face so many problems

    BarbarkaG Reply:

    “american historian from Yale”. Jason, seriously?

    jaesig Reply:

    Ce Chi (x)
    Ke Qi (o)

    …just saying…

    Rachel Reply:

    Hahahaha Yale eh? Guess you don’t have to write any type of essay for admissions there since your writing is atrocious and full of grammatical errors. Maybe next time you should pose as a less lofty profession until you pass grade 7 English.

    Vincent Richard Odeh Reply:




  34. i am a chinese and lived in china. i seached this article from google with key words “i hate chinese”. i just want to know where we need to note and improve . at least for myslef .frankly speaking , i am not good at english . it cost me nearly 2 more hours to read all comments . i have many words want to say and tell you a ture china and chinese ,but i do’t know how to say in english . just for clarification i am not mean to change your view about china and chinese . i want to say you can live happier without always angry and revenge . ,

    100 years ago ,foreigers came to china with guns and cannon to break our peace life,for what ? ok,let’s stop talking about history.because it have been passed . move the topic to present , i thnk if someone have enough energy and competitiveness,there is no need to worry about unempolyed .right ?

    sometimes , we keep silent,not represent we have no feelings and thinkings ,just because polite.at least a majority of chinese like that , we were impacted by chinese cuture and education .More does not represent ignorance and weakless .

    i kindly welcome you come to china for a travel .if you are lucky , you can make friends with chinese tourist when you visit some place to aviod be blackmailed ,and better known were need to visit .etc .it always effective for myslef. no business,no hurt .

    i didn’t want to tell some “chinks” how to respect other people and how to care about their thinkings . i just hope you do not say you are a chinese and represent chinese . because it’s also not acceptable in china . if you can realize your behaviour is not good , and want to change it ,i wish you have a good life at abroad and welcome back to china .

    At the end , i just want to take this opportunity to say sorry to you who once were hurt by chinese even i am just a little sand in china .

    Jack Reply:

    Just to make it clear for you Sara :
    “Chink has been compared in degree of offensiveness to terms such as nigger and kike. As with other ethnic slurs, associations with violence and discrimination are often made which may amount to hate crimes.”

    Vincent Richard Odeh Reply:


    Vincent Richard Odeh Reply:


  35. Sara, why are you allowing this post to go on like this?

    This is probably the post that got you all the troubles. Its racists. It hurts feelings and it is also the post that most of the racist people who has a thing against Chinese come to this post for (through Google or other means).

    Also, why are you allowing those racist posts to go on? Or are you one of them?

    Its disheartening to find you are defending this article which is clearly racists (and attracted a lot of them as seen in comment section) and speaking against those who defended China and Chinese while you never speak against any of clearly racist people in the comment section. This puts you clearly in the position of the racist group I am sorry to say.

    Also, I think it is ironic that when people tell you you are short or fat or ugly, you clearly felt hurt (and wrote a post about it) – so why is it okay for you to disparage a whole race of people openly on internet ???

    There is nothing to discuss here except pandering racist belief and hurt more feelings which creates even more hostile response from each group.

    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    I did delete some of the comments for this post.

    What comes to the original post, many commenters haven’t seen the true meaning behind the post. The post is about people who complain about China, for example those 5 things that I mentioned, but I think it’s not the best way to live in China. What do you gain from complaining? Isn’t that just a very negative way of seing a new culture?

    If you say my post is racist, then I’m afraid you didn’t read the last sentences in it. Please take a look again :)

    Jack Reply:

    Sara, I have read your post, IT IS RACIST. The last sentence seems to be attached with almost no relevence to the main article. You were making racist comments to vent, then as an after thought, attach that last sentence.

    Let me make it easy to for you to understand. If I was to say

    “1. Finnish people are a bunch of arseholes.

    2. They are arrogant and cold people.

    3. They are immoral and encourage incentous relationship in family by having sauna naked with family members.

    4. They are bunch of pedophiles

    5. They are bunch of drunks. They often get drunk and make a scene.

    6. They are the most unfriendly, racist people there is on earth.

    Finland is everything. It can be like this if you are only
    concentrating in the negative things. But is that really the way to see
    another culture?”

    How does that feel?

    BTW, Jburrows1972, Rockybodhi85, Shelly are clearly racist people who used racial slurs in their posts, and make the most blatant racist remarks here. And yet you did not delete their posts. So its natural to assume you are in agreement with them.

    So let me ask you again, are you racist? Can you not understand the issue here?

    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    I’m sorry Jack but you just haven’t seen the point I wanted to make with my original blog post.

    So let’s get this clear once and for all. The top 5 things are those that I hear people around me saying all the time. I got tired of hearing those complaints about China and wanted to write the blog post to start a discussion. I think that is NOT the way I want to see China. I wanted to ask people if it’s really worth it to complain, complain and complain all the days they have left in China. I think it’s not worth it.

    If after this there still is uncertainty of my point with the original blog post, then I’m sorry, but I can’t make it any clearer than it is.

    And if someone puts into question if I like China then they haven’t really read this blog at all.

    Jack Reply:

    With statement like “There’s so many reasons to hate Chinese people.” is there any doubt this is not a racist post? You are basically encouraging hate crime.

    Its not about your point – or clearly you didn’t get it across from your original post. Your original post was blanket racist statements. Its about how you write it – the tone and the things it allude to points to only one conclusion – and judging from many people making hateful racists statements here it points to your failure in getting “your point” across.

    But you didn’t moderate their comments either and still allowing their hateful message here which speaks volumes of your intention in your original post.

    Barbara Reply:

    Jack, you clearly don’t get Sara’s point. Besides, the problems Sara has mentioned are real and many Chinese people complain about those things. When a foreigner says that it’s dirty in China he’s being racist but when a Chinese person says the same it’s ok, right? I don’t know any foreigners here, I live with my Chinese bf, work and hang out only with Chinese people. And guess what? They say that it’s dirty, that the food is not safe, my cooworkers complain how our students copy everything and don’t think creatively. Oh, they are so racist.
    However, I agree that SOME COMMENTS here are racist but those people have never even been to China and still have a lot to say about Chinese people so… I just ignore them.

    Jack Reply:

    Barbara – no, you clearly don’t get it – racist comment is a blanket statement – Sara use “THEY” as in ALL of China and ALL of Chinese to make categorical statement. “They are stupid”, “They are dirty”…etc. It is certainly not true. It would be like if I go to a slum in US (Let’s say Detroit, or any backwood areas – and US have plenty) and using it as example to call ALL of American stupid and ALL of American dirty.

    Jack Reply:

    thaijpn, is another disgusting racist. The more I read down the comment section here, the more I found – maybe you don’t understand the word “chink” is a racist slur – its the same as calling a dark skinned people with the “n” word.

  36. I live in Sichuan.

    It’s very nice here. People are nice and easy to get along with. Spitting isn’t bothersome, nor are eating habits. They are cold to strangers but if you start a measly conversation then they will offer you things and just be generally warm. This happens too even if you only meet through mutual connections. It’s dirty a lot of places, but you get used to it. It’s not a big deal. The public bathrooms are my only problem with China, and you only buy the low quality goods if you’re retarded.
    I did get my bike stolen once which sucks though. However, my bike has also been stolen in America, and it’s just a fucking bike anyway. I can get a new one.

    Food is cheap, manners are simple, and if you can’t get past the things like people sitting on aisle seats, spitting, and never look for decent food, then you are just one of those ethnocentric people who can’t get over how much better his culture is than theirs. You can find what you want.

    And the traffic? yeah, it’s bad here. But you don’t get run over because you know, crossing the street mindlessly was never a good idea anyway. I have never seen a car accident.

    They have their flaws as a people, and they’re a big group of contradictions. “Maintain your manners, but then spit on the sidewalk.”

    Also, I read this in a snotty English accent.

  37. i’m chinese, i agree with you on all the bad things/habits, chinese have in general.
    Don’t forget to list the good things too. :)

  38. Because Canadians are out of work everywhere, they should get things for free when they shop at a supermarket.

    Vincent Richard Odeh Reply:


  39. The problems you have described are all created by nomadic animals. China was ruined by nomadic animals.

    “Food is inedible. You can have all sorts of disgusting creatures on your plate even you didn’t order them.”
    Han people don’t eat insects, snakes, or any disgusting creatures. The Cantonese are genetically related to southern ethnic minorites. They have adapted the food of southern minorties who traditionally ate insects and snakes.

  40. Foreigners and ethnic minorites fuck Han women, yet they complain about Zhongguo. Foreigners and ethnic minorites recevice better treatment than Han people, but they still complain.

  41. I fucking hate them as well for eating cats and dogs. There are any number of news stories and videos recounting this information. Videos of trucks filled with crates containing cats or dogs enroute to restaurants.
    Furthermore I think they are biggest money grubbers you will ever come across, its all they care about. They do all kinds of prayer rituals pleading for more and more money
    They make me sick. I don’t buy anything that was made in China. Disgusting.

  42. I am chinese myself , I immagrated to canada when I was little . I recently took a trip back to my hometown and I have the same feeling . I m simply miserable here

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