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My interview at China Travel Blog

Aimee from contacted me last week asked if I would like to make an interview with them to their China Travel Blog. Of course I said yes and now you can read it here:

Living & studying in Guangzhou: Finnish blogger Sara Jaaksola explains why life’s a dream in China

You should also check their blogroll and find some interesting blogs to read. And if you are planning to visit Guangzhou, don’t forget to read their guide to Guangzhou.


  • Emilia

    I can’t get the link to work! It just says error / not found.

    Sara Reply:

    Thank you dear Emilia for pointing it out! It should work now. (If you still have problems try using some other browser than Firefox. Atleast I can’t see it with Firefox. That’s possibly because a software I use to surf the net in China messes up with Firefox sometimes.)

  • C

    what were your parents doing in bejing?

    Sara Reply:

    My mom was working at the Finnish Embassy.

    C Reply:

    are you into chinese food too?

    Sara Reply:

    Chinese food includes quite a variety of food. Some I like and some not. My new favourite is 酸辣粉. In general I would say that I like Chinese food a lot. But I also like eating Western, especially Finnish, food often too.