A start to an exciting adventure

Sara and Alan

Today I was reading a post at My HongKong Husband blog, where she was sharing her feelings about her budding maternal instincts and when does people know when they are ready to have a baby. I decided that it’s finally time to write this post!

My husband had a clear plan for his future, get married the year he turns 27, have a kid at 30. Then he met me! I am “follow my heart” kind of girl and when I met Alan I knew he would be the right person for me. Sure I had kissed some frogs before and my husband jokes I used to have a terrible taste in men, before I met him!

When you meet a person you love plans tend to change, so we got married one year before my husband’s ultimate “five-year plan of Alan”. As we live in China, talks about babies started the minute our guests walked into our wedding banquet in May last year. 早生贵子 zăo shēng guì zĭ is a  common phrase you hear at Chinese weddings, “Give birth to a son soon!

So after being parents to four furry cat babies these years, we are getting ready to welcome a new family member at the end of this year, a little bit less furry this time we hope!

Having a baby is both exciting and scary at the same time, but having a baby in China, that’s an adventure!

Stay tuned for more…