Is Guangzhou Ready For Asian Games?

There are new flowers and flags everywhere. Just one hour ago they closed a big intersection so few buses and cars with guards, soldiers and volunteers could drive through fast and safe. I also heard that right now you can’t access this University Town, which is an island, by metro or by bus. I’m not sure when the transportation is back to normal but because of this we didn’t have our Chinese Culture exam (Teacher unable to come to school).

Guards and soldiers everywhere ecspecially surrounding the stadium. I haven’t checked but they seem to stand there all night long. I also haven’t tried what would happen if I’d go closer to take a photo.

They don’t like people wandering too close to the stadium. This morning I was talking with my classmates outside in front of the classroom. Soon one guard came to order us to go inside to talk. The reason was because of the Asian Games. But when I soon left (because no teacher, no exam) people were walking outside like any normal day. So maybe the lady guard just wanted something to do.

If there is a wall, there is also Asian Games advertisement. So remember to smile!

Save and protect Asian Games facilities, guarantee Asian Games smooth progress. Anyone know a better translation for this banner?

According to official website over 900 000 people applied for Asian Games volunteer. Around 590 000 people were chosen as volunteers and the girl in the picture is one of them. There are around 4 to 6 volunteers in the major intersections near the stadium here in Guangzhou University Town. But some people aren’t volunteering. Lots of students are forced to go to watch some games and cheer the Chinese athletes. They have one month holiday but they can’t go home. If they do go home there is no coming back to campus.

And then there is the people who seem to be pretty ready for the games. At least almost everyone here is carrying a flag or two! I have to admit that I still haven’t translated the brochure that I got a month ago. I only know that it includes instructions on how to behave during the games. Well, I have one day left, should I be a nice foreigner and actually read it?