Is It Wrong To Go To McDonald’s?

When I first came to China I was traveling in Beijing, Pingyao, Xi’an, Chengdu and Guilin. I thought that all the time I have to be out experiencing everything, including Chinese food. But soon I realised that my situation was different, I was going to live in China. After that I relaxed and started reading books instead going out, I went to eat Big Mac instead trying chicken feet at a local restaurant.

I understood that it is important to find out as much as possible about China, but this is now normal life to me and not an adventure. After that decision I’ve met people that refuse to eat anything else than Chinese food. But they are here to travel just for few weeks or maybe few months. Of course they can wait and eat Western food when they go back home. Of course they want to experience as much as they can during their short visit.

Last summer in the hospital I hated Chinese food. I could maybe eat few wontons (yuntun 云吞) but I really wanted something familiar. There were no western restaurants nearby. There are no Finnish food in Guangzhou. So what did I want my boyfriend to get me? A Big Mac of course! And it tasted so good and I could almost forget that 10 per cent of my body looked like – – (first I wrote it here, but maybe you are eating right now).

In my opinion traveling abroad and living abroad are completely different things. You want different things from them. And right now I want a hamburger.