Is There Hygiene In China?

Yes. But maybe only in one cafe where you are supposed to eat your wrap with a plastic glove. One morning I saw something different when biking through the local market.

If you have a big piece of meat and you want to break it to pieces, what do you do? Of course you throw it to the ground as many times needed to get nice smaller pieces. Oh, did the neighbourhood dog his business to the same spot? Well, that’s not a problem at all, it just gives it a bit more flavour.

It is ok that there is no paper in the public toilets because it is easy to carry with you. But am I supposed to have my own soap as well? Well, I have to admit that after a long day of shopping I have been to one fast food place easting fries and happily forgot that I’ve just  gathered a ton of new bacteria.

There is no need to be over hygienic but where is the limit?