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Learn Chinese pronunciation and pinyin with Pinyin Trainer

(This blog post includes affiliate links.)

Recently I’ve been paying attention to my pronunciation as it’s not as good as it should be. I’ve decided to start from the beginning because I’m not even hearing the tones and pinyin correctly! In order to train my pinyin I tried to find some helpful apps from the App Store.

I found Pinyin Trainer:

Pinyin Trainer is great for beginners who want to learn Chinese pinyin and pronunciation, and also for us intermediate learners who didn’t study properly when it was time. It will test your listening skills and you have to choose the right pinyin or tone. You can listen as many times you like before answering.

You’ll see all your answers on the right and can listen to them again by tapping. Remember to review those you answered incorrectly!

Pinyin Trainer is an simple app that does well what it’s meant to do: train your pinyin.

With the free edition you can answer about 20 questions per day. You can also buy a trainchiense subscription and use the app as much as you like. Because I really want to nail my pronunciation this time around I decided to buy the subscription. I paid 11.84EUR for three months. Besides Pinyin Trainer this  subscription also includes their other apps both for iPhone/iPad and Android. (I’ll review their other apps on a separate blog post.)

You can download this app from the App Store and give it a try for free.


I have decided to write reviews of Chinese learning apps, softwares and websites. I’ll let you know what I have used myself and found useful for my studies. These posts might include affiliate links and all pennies will be used for my tuition fees.

Are you a developer and have a Chinese learning product? If you want me to review it, please contact via email sara(a) You can even pay me if you want to, but remember that you can only pay for honesty.


  • Kaisa

    Hey, great post and a cool blog!

    I just wanted to recommend Anki, it’s the best spaced repetition software I have ever used. You can download it for free (although the iPhone app is not free…)

    I just have to say, that you really sound like a 南方人, hehe :)


    Sara Reply:

    Thanks for commenting Kaisa! I’ve tried Anki maybe a year ago, but it got boring pretty fast and I changed to Skritter. Recently I’ve used more different kind of flashcards, but hope to get back to Skitter when the app comes out. I’m sure Anki would be useful, for sentences for example, but I’m such a lazy student that if something is boring, I usually can’t make myself do it :)

    What they would say about my accent if I visited the norht?


    Boris Ivanov Reply:

    I prefer Pleco. Same SRS system but much cooler


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