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May 2019 Chinese Culture Workshops and Day Trips

Are you interested in exploring Guangzhou and Chinese culture?

My company Expat Chinese, together with our partners organize weekly workshops and day trips in Guangzhou. Everyone is welcome to join!

May 11th Chinese Jewelry Workshop

For Mother’s Day we organize a Chinese Jewelry Workshop the day before. Excellent for moms to relax or children to create a memorable gift.

May 18th Chinese Tea Workshop

We continue our series of Chinese Tea lessons with Sinellia Tea. This time we dive into green tea and what differences does Chinese and Japanese green tea have in taste and brewing methods.

May 19th Lotus Hill Day Trip

With Banana Tour we take a ferry to Lotus Hill and enjoy a delicious lunch. This trip is sold out.

May 25th Chinese Lamp Painting

On this workshop with Hunter Art Studio we create a beautiful Chinese candle lamp and pain and do calligraphy on the lamp. Follow step by step instructions or follow your own imagination to create a beautiful gift to take home.


The fastest way to get information on these events and activities is by adding my WeChat: 15002016434

If you don’t have WeChat yet, you can also send me a text message or email at sara@sarajaaksola.com

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