Welcome back!

Finally we are back to business! My blog had some technical problems these days and unfortunately at the same time my webhosting staff was at the Easter holiday. But now we are back and lets first review what have happened during this week.

I posted my Mandarin Monday video to Youtube:

You can also watch the same video on Youku!

I have painfully realized that my pronunciation and tones need a lot of work. I’ve got great help from more experiences language Chinese learners and already started experimenting with different methods to improve my spoken Chinese. I will write more about this in the future.

Las month I got a lovely award from talesfromhebei:

You can click the award and check out the amazing Tales From Hebei blog!

And finally I have a small poll for all of you. Recently I’ve been writing a lot about learning Chinese because that’s what I’m doing every day as it’s my major. But I would like to know if you would like to have more content about other topics. So please help me and click the topics you would like to read about: