Welcome to my Youtube channel

I have started to build my own professional Youtube channel about learning and teaching, researching study motivation, and living in China. So far I have uploaded a couple of older interviews, how I prepared for the HSK Advanced exam, a tour to my roots in Beijing, and sharing my language learning journey. I will be publishing new videos irregularly, so subscribe to get notifications when new videos are up.

In 2020 I experimented with a Youtube channel but didn’t take into account that the videos we were doing all took half a day to shoot and full two days to edit. When work got busier again, it became impossible to keep up with shooting and editing. Therefore my personal channel will concentrate on evergreen content useful for subscribers for years to come. Topics will include learning Chinese, teaching Chinese, HSK exam, study methods, study motivation, PhD study, doing research and my life in Guangzhou, China.

Welcome to follow my channel here: youtube.com/@sarajaaksola