My favourite dishes in China


The first dish usually goes quickly.

Pineapple and Beef.


It’s a battle. Rice or noodles? This time my favourite won.

Fried noodles with beef.


In Chinese it’s called big white vegetable.

Sour and spicy Chinese cabbage.


I think the chef almost forgot the nuts.

Kung pao chicken (spicy diced chicken).

What are your favourite Chinese dishes?

7 thoughts on “My favourite dishes in China

  1. Thanks for your comment Confused LaoWai! I have to say that after coming to China I’m not that picky anymore, but sure there are lots of things I don’t want to eat. But I started eating more vegetables :)


  2. Dumplings definitely. Whenever I crave home cooking it is usually dumpling or Baozi. Although beef noodle can hit the spot as well.

    I want to ask you what do you do when you crave food from home? I’d imagine it is pretty hard to find anything that looks like Finnish cuisine in China.


  3. Justin, Dumplings are one of my favourites too! When I spent my summer holiday in Finland I took some Finnish canned meatballs with me and I’ve already eaten them two times. I make some potatoes with them. I can also make Finnish pancakes easily.

    But if there’s nothing at home I can go to IKEA. They have Swedish meatballs that are almost the same than in Finland.

    I usually want Finnish food very badly when I’m ill :)


  4. That’s an old post and pretty pedestrian dishes… I’m sure you’ve discovered some new ones by now.


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    Perhaps I should introduce some of my boyfriend’s mother’s cookings!


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