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What You Want To Ask From Me?

I have been really happy because of the comments you have left to my blog. They keep me writing and help me come up with good ideas to blog about. But I want to hear even more from you so now you have the chance to ask me anything you want. I will answer to every question. But keep in mind that my mom is reading everything I write, so please keep it clean.

So what you want to know?


  • Autumn

    Sara,I appreciate your kindliness very much.You are so friendly .^_^
    In fact,I have hundreds of thousands of questions to ask you.But,it seems that I don’t know what should ask first.I hope you won’t be bored with my endless questions.
    Lately,I was thinking about a Finnish name and a English one.I had no idea about it.I didn’t know much about Finnish and English names’ meanings,and the culture as well.I am a girl who loves the nature,especially flowers and green leaves.(The red maple is also my favorate.)Do you have any ideas about my Finnish and English name?
    What’s more,I am looking forward to see more blogs whatever you write.Because I not only can know more about other coutry,but also can improve my English.I am preparing for my CET-6.
    At last,I wish you and your family happy and healthy.
    Good night,Sara!

  • Sara

    Autumn, Don’t worry. I’m ready to answer your questions :)

    Autumn is an English name so you can keep it if you want. It’s important to choose an English name that is used as a name in English speaking countries.

    I think there’s no need for you to have a Finnish name. If you go to Finland you can use your English name. Well, if you marry a Finnish guy maybe then you would like to have a new name too :)

    When reading my blog please remember that English is not my native language. So I make mistakes all the time :) I’m not a good example for you.

    There is an interesting discussion about English names:

  • anthony

    I’m asian american male and am perplexed as to why male east asian popstars act so feminine? eg, rain , jay chou with their makeup and hairdo better than my girlfriends. Do the women like feminine men over there?

  • Sara

    Anthony, I have to say that this is a tricky question as I haven’t thought about this before. I can only say that there are more feminine looking men, but also very masculine looking men here in China.

    But because this answer is not enough, I asked a blogging friend to answer your question too. So come back soon to check her answer!

  • Crystal

    Anthony, I think that the main feature that gives the “feminine” look to Asian pop stars is the long haircut.

    If you look at some posters of 70’s and 80’s of American/European rock musicians (when long hair was fashionable) – you will find many of them looking quite feminine.

    And, by the way, most females do not perceive Asian guys as feminine.

  • anthony

    Thanks Sara & Crystal,
    I am in no doubt that most men in china are very masculine as most chinese people are involved in manual labour,and hard work but why these popstars choose to look like women the way they do is beyond me.If they are gay, that’s fine, but if they are not, it’s just weird. btw Crystal, a lot of the 70/80’s American/European popstars turned out to be gay(eg freddie mercury, george michael,elton john, boy george,…etc) not that there’s anything wrong with it. :)

  • Autumn

    Sara,I am so happy to hear that about ten Santa Clauses from Lapland are coming to 11 cities in China this Christmas.Guangzhou is lucky to be one of cities Santa will come!.I like Christmas,Santa Clause.Maybe it is one of the reasons I like Finland.
    By the way,could you tell me something about how you spend Christmas in Finland?
    Another thing puzzled me is what kind of abbilities will be needed to find a better job in Finland?I majoy in accounting in my university. Do you think it will be a good choice to study well in?

    Sara Reply:

    Hi Autumn, I heard it is one Santa Claus to visit 10 cities in China. How did you find out the cities? Because I’ve tried to do so but haven’t found information about the places. Please share a link! Maybe Christmas traditions could be a post on it’s own, so wait for it before the holidays begin. I don’t know anything about accounting and how easy it is to find a job with that major. But in Finland it is better if you learn Finnish and speak and write fluently. Also any previous work experience is valued or necessary. You can try the Chinese embassy in Finland, big companies that need translation to and from Chinese and places where they teach Chinese. But remember, I’m no expert in this field and trying to find a summer job from Guangzhou.

  • Autumn

    I didn’t know the exact place where Santa Claus come to Guangzhou now.But when I know,I will tell you at once.I are longing to having a date with Santa.O(∩_∩)O By the way,thanks for your suggestions.You really give me a nice answer.I’ll think more about my dream to Finland.Thx.
    If you have some question about China,feel free to ask me.I will try my best to answer you.
    Take care!

  • zhihonglin

    I love your blog. I have almost read through all your postes these 2 days. I wish I could be as serious and working so hard on learning English as you do on learning Chinese. I love Finland too. I am a programmer in Guangzhou, and I admire Linus Torvalds so much.  

    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    Looks like your English is very good already! So nice to hear that you have enjoyed reading my blog, it’s always a big surprise for me :)