Why I Love China?

I was trying to be funny. Today at spoken Chinese lesson was my turn to have a three minutes presentation about anything.

An easy choice would have been to speak about Finland, but I thought that is too obvious. Then I thought about talking about my travelling in China, but realized that everyone knew about the places where I have been. But finally I chose my topic: 为什么我爱中国?Why I love China?

The first four reasons where the ordinary ones: culture, history, language, food and things like that have been always very interesting for me.

But the ultimate reason to love China is, well are, of course men! Just look at the picture on left and you see what I am talking about.

Or maybe you don’t because many Western girls seem to be totally missing the charm of Chinese guys. I would say “well more for us” if it wouldn’t sound so frivolous.

Sure I have to admit that the guy in the picture (Wu Jincheng / Takeshi Kaneshiro) is half Japanese and half Taiwanese. I also like Jay Chou (Zhou Jielun) but he is also from Taiwan. But maybe we aren’t going into the politics right now. Even the situation is little bit difficult between the mainland and the island, I would still call them all Chinese.

Seriously speaking there are numerous reasons to love China, and to hate China. Which side will you pick?

Picture from takeshikaneshiro.org.