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Why I Love China?

I was trying to be funny. Today at spoken Chinese lesson was my turn to have a three minutes presentation about anything.

An easy choice would have been to speak about Finland, but I thought that is too obvious. Then I thought about talking about my travelling in China, but realized that everyone knew about the places where I have been. But finally I chose my topic: 为什么我爱中国?Why I love China?

The first four reasons where the ordinary ones: culture, history, language, food and things like that have been always very interesting for me.

But the ultimate reason to love China is, well are, of course men! Just look at the picture on left and you see what I am talking about.

Or maybe you don’t because many Western girls seem to be totally missing the charm of Chinese guys. I would say “well more for us” if it wouldn’t sound so frivolous.

Sure I have to admit that the guy in the picture (Wu Jincheng / Takeshi Kaneshiro) is half Japanese and half Taiwanese. I also like Jay Chou (Zhou Jielun) but he is also from Taiwan. But maybe we aren’t going into the politics right now. Even the situation is little bit difficult between the mainland and the island, I would still call them all Chinese.

Seriously speaking there are numerous reasons to love China, and to hate China. Which side will you pick?

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  • Sara

    Sam, My classmates know me and they have a sense of humor :) And the Japanese girl in my class also likes Takeshi Kaneshiro! And they also know the truly biggest reason to come here, because it was my dream for a long time.

  • Sean Hsu

    Hi, it’s surprised to see Wu Jincheng’ photo here!
    Yes, Wu Jincheng / 金城武 and Jay Chou / 周杰倫 are both born in Taiwan. They are also known in China as well as in many Asian Countries, but not well-known in the west. It seems not many Western girls will find them attractive.

    I think my friend did similar thing: she loves British actors and that’s the reason she went for study in England! :p

  • Sara

    Thank you for commenting Sean Hsu. It seems to be that many Western girls aren’t that keen to Asian guys. But I enjoy listening to Jay’s songs and watching Takeshi’s movies.

    Interesting thing about your friend!

  • Vilijonkka

    En vihaa, en rakasta. Neutraali meininki on minun elämäntilanteessa paras tapa, koska täällä olon ja lähdön päättää viimekädessä miehen pomo…

    Komia on, vielä. Mutta miltä näyttää 5-kymppisenä mahakkaana. Taatusti aivan yhtä tylsältä kuin suomalaiset kolleegansa. Samaa teettää vanheneminen kautta maailman.

  • Sara

    Vilijonkka, Last spring one of my friends said that she haven’t seen any handsome older Chinese men, but aren’t they rare everywhere, as you said. And in China you will see the big stomach because when it’s hot they like to roll their shirt up.

  • Lumi

    Minä tapasin kiinalaisen poikaystäväni Suomessa koulun bileissä 2004. Mutta hmmm…jos olisin vieläkin 20 v. ja olisin nähnyt korealaisia TV-sarjoja jo silloin olisin ehdottomasti alkanut opiskella koreaa ja katsoa vaihtopaikkaa sieltä. :D Taiwanilaiset näyttelijät ja laulajat on kanssa ihan komeita. Minun suosikki Taiwanista on Show Luo ja ehkä Wu Chun, mutta toki myös Takeshi. Harvoin niitä todella komeita miehiä Kiinassa näkee, mutta pidän monien punk kampauksista.

    Minä tykkään Kiinasta kaikkien ihanien ja erilaisten tavaroiden takia. Myös vanhat rakennukset on kauniita, koska koristellut puiset ikkunat ja ovet on erilaisia kuin Suomessa. Ja lootuksen kukat ja pionit! Neonvalot! Onhan sitä paljon ihasteltavaa ja myös kauhisteltavaa.

    Löysin tänne sinun englanninkieliselle blogille SHEinChinan sivulta.

  • Sara

    Nice to get your Comment Lumi. I have to say that this is first time that I hear an another Finnish girl having Chinese boyfriend! Why can’t we live in a same place, that would be fun :) I agree that ancient building are usually very beautiful here. As a history student I like everything old and historical.

    Jos Lumi haluat vaihdella kokemuksia ja ajatuksia Kiinaan liittyen, niin laheta ihmeessa sahkopostia. Kuulostat niin samantyyppiselta ihmiselta kuin mina! Osoitteeni loytyy About sivulta.

  • Rebekah

    I find it funny that a lot of western women don’t find the Chinese or any other Asians attractive. I for one do, have been dating a Chinese-American guy for over 4 years! He even jokes with me that if things don’t work out for us he knows I will date another Asian man, and it is all his fault…hahaha! I am a really big fan of the boys from Fahrenheit, and Wang Leehom!HANDSOME does not even begin to describe them….

    Sara Reply:

    Thanks for joining the discussion Rebekah! I agree with you, why don’t other women see Chinese guys attractive? There are so many good looking guys here ;) But actually I have a friend that recently changed her mind and opened her eyes to all the cute Chinese boys at a local hair dresser. You have been with your guy for a while, so nice to hear of happy Western-Chinese relationships. Where are you living at the moment?

  • Rebekah

    :D I will ALWAYS join a discussion touting the awesomeness of Asian guys! I am from Philadelphia, PA, USA….I found your blog through various other AMWF blogs…which I check ALMOST daily! I also have a blog…But I keep the content a bit reserved b/c my AM family does not know we are together(for OVER 4 YEARS!!!)…I would be UNACCEPTABLE to his family and since he relies on them we say nothing, and probably won’t until we BOTH are financially able to support ourselves…ah, but I love him to PIECES!!! I am SO lucky to have a man like this, and I will do what it takes to stay with him…Wow, sorry to have rambled on….Keep on blogging about AMWF relationships….maybe I can let my blog be known to the world someday too!

    Sara Reply:

    Thanks for commenting Rebekah and interesting to hear about your experience! It’s sorry to hear that your bf’s parents aren’t really into foreign girlfriends, but lets hope that after time you can tell them and maybe later on they will realize that you two will stick together no matter what. How did you met with your boyfriend? If you decide to make your blog public, let me know because I’m also always reading other AMWF blogs :)

    Rebekah Reply:

    I let my blog be public…but I am not sure if it is…I met him in high school, but only met up with him again 4 1/2 years ago…and we have been together ever since. I hope one day to be able to be open with his parents…His brother is married to a white women and his sister is marrying a white man, I think the problem would be my child. I don’t know if they EVER could accept that! Thanks for having this blog, and I hope more of us AMWF couples blog away! :D

    Sara Reply:

    I quickly looked at your blog and it looks good. Have to read more soon! I really hope that his parents will accept you and your child.

  • Nick

    What about their “shortcomings?” Do you not miss the excitement and pleasure aspect of your intimate moments in a relationship with a white boyfriend? I hope this is not too taboo, but how can you live in a world absent of orgasms from penile penetration?

    Sara Reply:

    Nick, I warn you and might delete your comment later. My mom reads my blog so keep it clean! I’m not deleting it right away because Rebekah answered you pretty well.

    Rebekah Reply:

    谢谢您. I always get upset about this topic…Sorry if I overstepped by bounds! I would delete it if your mother will feel upset about it….

    Sara Reply:

    Don’t worry Rebekah, it’s nice to have readers that got my back on topics I don’t want to answer my self. Thank you!

  • Rebekah

    @Nick….REALLY? You ACTUALLY think this? You do know this IS a stereotype, just as one could say I am an angry drunk because I am Irish and German(as well as many other nationalities). I will try to keep this as sensitive as I can, and NOT let it lean towards taboo…I think I have had MORE excitement WITH a Chinese boyfriend. And I have dated other men, hence the previous post where I said I have a child. My son is white, not hapa. And I can HONESTLY say his father was the WORST…haha! His attitude was poor, but this would be the secondary reason we didn’t get along. Since this is a blog from China, and IN China…We must watch what we say. No need for Sara to have blog troubles from an ignorant comment.

  • Nick

    It is not ignorant. Sterotypes exist for a reason. Have you ever been to a bath house? Do you know what it is like to be a Caucasian male in China at a urinal? It is quite uncomfortable as men on both sides stare jaw dropped in amazement. I know well that the power tools are not the only only part of the job, and that you needed a skilled handyman to complete the equation, but I just don’t see why Western women are willing to settle with Asian men. They are simply not a sex orientated culture. Not to mention their lack of sexual etiquette and grooming standards. Believe me, I am not being sexist. I am an equal opportunist. Chinese girls are just as poor in the bedroom. Regarding this subject, I personally love that major cities in China have a cornucopia of European women to choose from for this aspect of daily life. In my observations it is generally the unattractive Western women that are in these relationships. You will not find a sought after Western girl with many Canadians, Americans, Australians, Europeans, Africans, etc that are within her reach having to settle for less.

    Sara Reply:

    Nick, I know what staring is like in China even I’m not a man. I also know that women around the world (not everyone, but many) are looking for the love of their life. They, me including, are not settling. We choose the best man we can found no matter if he is white, black or any other colour. And can you imagine, some of us like girls more than boys and that’s ok too! Can I make a wild guess? Are you single? Or maybe your girl chose an Asian guy over you?

    If your only point here is to say I’m ugly, then it’s your problem. There are plenty of pictures of me in this blog and everyone can decide themselves.

    I tell you again that this is not the topic on my blog, but some amazing bloggers have discussed about this before. Please read what Jocelyn has to say about this on her brilliant blog post, or what Jo has to say about the topic on her post.

    You can also read my older blog post called Who is a bad guy in China?

    Rebekah Reply:

    @Nick…I think the insecurity lies within yourself. I do not settle, I prefer. I have always dated people based off of their hearts, not their “power tools”. On the power tools subject, my bf is NOT lacking. I do not believe the hype, and if you look around in the bath house or at the urinal(besides being a little creepy), you will see that ALL races have varying sizes. Also if you think me ugly that is fine – However my bf has dated some GORGEOUS White and Asian girls before me. I don’t know if I am ugly, but I SURE am FAT…haha! As for a “skilled handyman”…My bf is the most RESERVED guy in the world, and doesn’t like to discuss that topic, but there is one thing we always joke about…He MAGICAL Ancient Chinese “handyman” secrets…lolz~ :) To each their own I always say, but I will defend my Asian guy no matter what. Sara, I hope you do not mind an additional comment by me…sorry.

    Sara Reply:

    Rebekah, I don’t mind your comments at all. It’s good that there are people that are willing to answer these questions.

    Sara Reply:

    There is also a post from Laura at AMWF Love which you could find interesting.

  • Nick

    @ Sara.

    Every laowai is stared at in China. However, this is not the staring I am referring to.

    You are not ugly so to say. You just aren’t beautiful. Having lived in 12 countries around the world and subsequently gained a good scale of female beauty, I would personally rate you slightly above 6. You are better than average! Don’t let your lack of confidence over rule you. You are not ugly. In this subject regarding Rebekah, I have no idea what you look like. It is safe to assume though if you are settling for an Asian guy you are 1 of 2 things. 1.) Somewhere below a 7 on the beauty scale. 2.) You may be above the 7 in actual beauty but have a lack of confidence, thus portraying the image in your mind of yourself to be below 7.

    To those of you that might think I am shallow merely playing this on physical appearance, Sara is clearly suffering from personality flaws as well.

    Who studies Mandarin in Gaungzhou because they meet some guy? You clearly have had difficulty for some reason or another attracting or subsequently maintaining guys in your past. This is why you stayed and settled for a 2nd tier guy, and 2nd tier city to study Mandarin.

    Sara Reply:

    Really Nick I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry! What is actually your purpose here? If you are really interested why Western girl choose Asian guys then you have your answer already. If you just want to boost your ego then I am sorry to tell you that this blog probably isn’t the best place to do that. But if you just want to make us laugh, then please stay.

    Maybe I should hire you as my therapist so you could tell me what my personality flaws are? Or maybe I know, letting random people make fun of me on my blog!

    Now I know what is the problem! You just had a bad love affair with Guangzhou and are fully incompetent to understand foreigners living in here. Don’t be mad at Guangzhou, she has moved on already. May I just give you a hint, she probably isn’t giving you a second chance!

    Darling Nick, you forgot to answer my questions. Isn’t that little bit rude? May I make some more assumptions? Are you single and more closer to 1 than 10?

  • Lalala~

    @ Nick if you’re so great and well travelled then why are you sitting trolling blogs?
    Who the hell are you to judge anyone by the way they look, you utter wanker.

    LOL please stop talking out of your ass, STFU & GTFO.

    @ Sara I think you’re beautiful, but that’s not the point because as if that even matters anyway. Most importantly you are intelligent and as your blog is titled, you are living a dream in China. Pay no attention to sad sacks like this virgin loser who probably lives in his mom’s basement and getting replies to his BS comments is his only thrill in life. Later.

    Sara Reply:

    Thank you Lalala~. Actually I’m not worried about myself. It just makes me little bit angry when someone has racists opinions like Nick. But I think it’s now quite obvious who really is the 2nd tier guy in this scenario.

    Rebekah Reply:

    WOW! I cannot believe this one. I will have to say, Lalala is probably right. If he is STILL responding I believe we have a troll here. I am not settling for my man, that is for sure. He comes from a wonderful family, all well educated and considerate people, so to be honest – If either of us was settling it would be him! (Of course neither of us are, we both a very much in love, on a level I never knew before I knew him). @Nick, I feel REALLY bad that you feel this way about western girls who like Asian men. Are you by chance Asian and been written off by a western girl? Or the other way around, western but not enough for an Asian girl? Do YOU have trouble in the “power tool” area? Can I let you in on something you may not know(as a women who has dated men for 15 years from many different races, before deciding Asian men are the best)…As to what you earlier said about Asian women being lacking in the bedroom…The only time I ever had “dead fish” behavior in this area was when the guy was, how to put this nicely, less then satisfactory in HIS performance. I have never once in 5 years has this problem with my Asian guy.
    Anyway, no use in continuing this stupidity. Someone is just bitter and lashing out in a safe environment where he cannot be discovered.
    Take Care Nick, I hope you find a way to figure out your own *shortcomings*.

  • Jana

    I just can t … so nick, if you re so confident about life and your opinions let me rate you as well.I m happy to do that in return too, and let me tell you I M NOT AFRAID OF THAT.if you think that you are someone to judge, that dont be scared to BE judged too! i m so sick of selfish wankers like you, who are full of inferior complexes (more than usual, sexual ones- HAHA)you probably have no idea how to satisfy a woman- on a psychological and physical level as well. more than likely, you have never had a healthy relationship with a woman either, and you are bringing all your bitterness to judge other people. well, you are sad. if you do want to live a fulfilled and normal life, i do recommend you to find a good psychologist who will help you to overcome your insecurities.good luck!

    Sara Reply:

    Thanks for joining the discussion dear friend!

  • scourgeforccp

    Actually the one I admire most is still imprisoned because of copying PRC Constitution and reminding the CCP that they can’t act beyond it and his name is Liu Xiaobo .Congratulations to the CCP for thier succeeding in making MR liu the first Noble Laureate living in China mainland.

    Panada Bear Reply:

    boo to Western Propaganda/NWO…apparently you can be president of the USA, be fighting two wars and receive a Nobel Peace Prize. What a joke.

  • Panada Bear

    As a young 30 something who’s lived here for 6 years, here are my

    Top 5 Things I Love About China:

    1.Quality of Life/Good Job/Affordable

    2.The People (Friendly, Open, Welcoming, Civilized)

    3. Culture/History/Travel

    4. Food! Food! Food!

    5. Politics/Improvement of Standard of Living, Non-Aggressive/War-Mongering Foreign Policy that Respects Other Countries.

    Sara Reply:

    Thank you for sharing your top 5 Panada Bear! I’m totally liking the number three.