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    Why I’m not traveling to Finland anytime soon?

    Last time we visited Finland and saw my family was in August 2019, it’s been over 2 years now that I’ve seen my parents and my siblings. My niece is already over 1 year old and I have never seen her. Last Summer my grandmother passed away and I couldn’t be there to say goodbye. I don’t easily miss home, but I think it’s safe to say that during these times thinking of home can be very painful. Why we aren’t hopping on the plane and visiting Finland then? Technically it should be possible to do so, but here are the reasons why we choose not to. Vaccinations Our daughter…

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    After a year of silence, covid is back in Guangzhou

    It had been a year without a single covid case in Guangzhou, we all thought the pandemic was behind us and we could just continue living our lives here in the bubble. But somehow late May the virus escaped and infected an older women living in Liwan district. It’s still unclear how she got the infection, but without knowing she was sick, she visited several restaurants in the city and the new outbreak started. Since end of May there has been over a hundred new cases in total. This number might not seem like a lot to many countries that have more cases per day, but it still is a…

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    Highlights from Spring 2021

    After Chinese New Year and the traditions we used the last day of the holiday to do a spontaneous road trip in Zhaoqing city along the small dirt roads. We stumbled upon an old port that offered amazing views to a bamboo forest and a river. Wish we could have taken a cruise there! Last year we launched the Pause Box, a monthly surprise gift box available in China. On March 8th we had our first event to celebrate the International Women’s Day and got our community together for unboxing. Starting a new business has been both inspiring and tiring, it’s a constant balance between businesses and personal life. But…

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    Chinese New Year in Photos

    Chinese New Year in 2021 was a special one for us, not because of the locations as we always stay at home, but due to our guests we had over. We have six guests joining us to learn more about Chinese New Year traditions and especially how a Cantonese family celebrates the beginning of the new year. If you want to see more on what we did during Chinese New Year, check out this video below on YouTube. For more interesting content about life in Guangzhou, check out our channel Guangzhou Expat