My Chinese learning goals for 2012: Skritter

My first goal for 2012 was quite clear, I wanted to finally make Skritter (affiliate link) part of my daily study routine. I’m a student that gets bored easily even to the best of study tools and making a real habit isn’t something that comes naturally. But I’m determined to achieve my goal, which is:

Study with Skritter at least 15 minutes per day

For a full-time language student it might not seem that big of a goal, but the challenge is to keep it up every day. Sure there will be exceptions when I’m sick or forced to be away from my computer, but then I will fill those minutes on an another day. But on all the other days of the year I’m going to use Skritter daily, at least for 15 minutes.

I’ve been cramming for my exams this week and that’s why the study minutes are up. Reaching the 15 minutes per day is enough, but surely I can continue as long as I wish after that. There’s no maximum.

I’m in the middle of the process of making other goals for 2012, but because their not ready yet, I decided to introduce my goals one by one.

What kind of study goals you have for 2012? Or do you have specific Skritter goals?