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Common questions in China and an interview


Pottery in Jingdezhen

Today my guest post 5 common questions Chinese ask foreigners in China was published at China elevator stories.

When you move to China you will quickly realize that Chinese are very interested in who you are and what you do. If asking complete strangers various questions isn’t familiar in your own culture, you might feel a bit strange during your first weeks in China. Just remember that they don’t mean any harm, it’s often just small talk or they want to learn more about thinking and customs abroad.

When you prepare your trip or move to China, you can also prepare for all the questions you will surely be asked by many friendly locals.

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This week I was also interviewed by nihaohello where I share my experiences and ideas about learning Chinese.

A lot of people start learning spoken Chinese, but are afraid of the characters. It is possible to get up to small talk level in Chinese without being able to read or write, but progressing from intermediate onwards is much harder. All the learning material in that point will be in characters only. I would recommend everyone to learn to read as well and type with a computer, also to learn the basic rules of hand writing, as all of this will make your studying easier, not harder.

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