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Let the adventure begin! Four days in Guizhou


Tomorrow morning me and my boyfriend Alan will be stepping into a train that takes us 20 hours to the northwest. On Tuesday morning we will arrive to the city of Kaili where we will immediately (after breakfast that is) find a bus to Xijiang Village.

During the following four days we hope to visit places like Langde Village, Leishan County, Leigong Mountain, Matang Village and Shilong Village. Forecast has promised cloudy or rainy weather so that will determinate our final route in the end. It’s been forever since I took long distance train anywhere, last time we took the super fast train and were in Hunan in just two hours.

What’s interesting, my boyfriend who is local Cantonese, have never been on such a long train trip before! My own longest trip was about 26 hours from Chengdu to Guilin three years ago. I’ve longed for a good old train adventure ever since.

I’ll be posting photos and introducing all the places when we come back!

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  • R Zhao

    I love long train rides in China! My personal record: 48 hours (Beijing to Urumqi). Enjoy your trip. . . I’m curious to hear about it! I hope to visit Guizhou eventually. would love an update once you get back.


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    Wow, 48 hours!


  • Alysa

    Oooh, I’ve never been to Guizhou.
    Last summer I went on a 28 hour train ride to Qingdao! It was lovely, have you been there? Definitely a must-visit while in China.


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    I haven’t been to Qingdao, but have heard many good things about the place. There are so many cities in China I must visit!


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