Meet Expats In China – InterNations

bar friends

So you have just arrived to China and everything is new around you. New job, new house, new gym, but what about new friends? Culture Shock is way easier to deal with if you can share your experiences with others that are going through the same thing.

I’ve realized this my self too during these three years in Guangzhou. There just are so many things about living abroad that only someone doing the exact same things could understand.


If you want to connect with and make friend with other expats in China you should take a look at InterNations. It is the largest expatriate network worldwide, with over 930,000 members in more than 360 cities all across the globe. It’s a great community no matter if you are looking for networking or making new best friends.

At the website they have lots of information and ways to connect with others. Some of it free and some require a paid Albatross account. The best two things on the site are the forum and the event listings.

The Forum is divided into Town talk, Expat Q&A, Jobs, Housing and Marketplace. This is a great place to ask your expat questions about living in China.


When you’re ready to meet new people and head to the city, check out future events. In Guangzhou, InterNations have different kind of events every month, I’m sure you can find an event that suits for you. Most events do cost some money, as they are held in bars or restaurants, but they also might have some great discounts for members as well!

I have attended a few InterNations events my self too. The first time I ended up in a table of few Finns sharing our experiences in Guangzhou and plans for the future in China. I remember saying how I wanted to move to a small village inside Guangzhou and write books for living. Well, three years later I’m living in a village and writing this blog!


In June InterNations interviewed me for their website and I placed that cool badge to the sidebar of my blog too. I’m honored to be featured on InterNations and hope other expats will find it to be a warm and friendly community.

Have you heard of InterNations before or participated in their events? How do you meet new people when you move abroad? I would love to know!