Welcome the year of the horse!

It’s a new year and the first week of January 2014 is the perfect time to reflect the past before moving forward. What happened to me in 2013? Continue reading and find out!


In January I had been dating my new boyfriend for a month and had just spent my birthday with him on top of a mountain. After hard Autumn the year before, my life started seeing some light again and I started blogging again after a few months break.

In February I wasn’t quite ready to make my relationship public, but took a challenge to write about dating Chinese men. During that month I also moved in with my boyfriend and his parents.


In March I started my last semester at Sun Yat-Sen University and visited Hong Kong. Dragon’s Back Hike offered nice views and mild exercise.

In April I was ready to share my good news on how I found my place in China. It was such a relief to be able to share my current news with you and be happy without secrets.


In May me and my boyfriend went for a short adventure to Guizhou. This was already our second trip together!

In June I took part in the Chinese Bridge competition and even though I couldn’t continue to Beijing, it was an interesting experience nevertheless.

In July I was spending my Summer holiday in Guangzhou, a bit too carefree right before my thesis writing. I had already lived with my boyfriend and his mother for almost half a year and wrote about my experience in a blog post. Now after a year I think I should write an updated post as well.


In August I visited Hong Kong again and went to Lamma island. I also spent lot of time thinking about my dreams and what I want from life. I’m a big believer that because we only have once chance at life, we should make the most of it!


In September I went traveling with my classmates and my teachers. Group traveling isn’t really my favorite, but we did have some nice time at the Mount Sanqing and taking the overnight train there and back.

In October we started planning to move to the old family house. It was hard to find workers at the end of the year, so until now we have just cleaned it up a bit and changed the doors. New windows have been ordered as well. The actual renovation should begin after the Chinese New Year in February and we hope to (and need to) move in before May.

In November I was very busy with my thesis writing. A lot of things were on hold while I finished my thesis and prepared for the thesis defence.

finnish chinese love story

In December, on 8th to be exact, was our first dating anniversary. I feel very lucky to have met Alan and I shared our love story on the blog as well.

2014 will bring a lot of nice changes to my life, but I will tell you more on the next blog post.

How was your 2013 and how are you welcoming the year of the horse?