Why I Love Living In China?

Chinese men are the reason I love China. This time I tried to make a more serious and longer list, but it was surprisingly hard. It is hard to list all those little things that the life in here consists of. And when I thought of one thing, I always remembered some occasion that particular thing haven’t been so nice. But there is one big reason why I like living in China.

The reason is that by being in China I can observe the target of my passion everyday. In Finland I used to read books and watch documentaries about China, but now I can also just go outside of my room and see it myself! I hunger for knowledge about China and I think I will never be ready with that goal. There is always more to see, more to experience, more to know.

I have to admit that sometimes I just close my eyes and try to forget I live here. Try to forget that I’m a foreigner. Some days I just relax and read Dan Brown instead. But most of the days I’m excited as a young school kid thinking Oh this is what they eat, and this is the reason they do it like this.

Why am I so interested about this Middle Kingdom? I tried to explain it in my very first post, but I think those people that have similar life long passions or dreams, know what I’m talking about. You just have this feeling inside that this thing is your thing, something that is important to you no matter what.

What is the reason you like living in China? Or do you just completely hate it?

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