Being Pregnant in China

A practice round at the hospital


Last Friday I started to get a bit anxious because I felt the baby haven’t been moving as much as before. Me and my husband decided to go to the emergency room to check things just in case. When we got to the hospital I saw a lovely nurse and a doctor, the emergency room was quiet and I didn’t have to wait at all because this was a special emergency room just for pregnant women.

After monitoring the heartbeat and movements of the baby with a fetal monitor after half an hour, the doctor got a bit worried and tried to wake up the baby in case she was sleeping. After that she luckily started moving again and kicking me to let me know everything’s okay. But after another half an hour the doctor informed me that I was having contractions every 7 minutes! I didn’t feel a thing.

The doctor did a check-up and decided it’s best to stay in the hospital as I might be getting into labor! Well, after staying in the hospital for two days nothing really happening, we are back at home waiting for the baby to decide when she want’s to come out. The baby is all ready there, but waiting for the right moment I guess!

During our “practice round” at the hospital I grew more confident that Women and Children’s Medical Center is the right place for me to give birth. All the nurses, midwives and doctors were very nice and caring, taking a very good care of us. The facilities and rooms are clean and comfortable. I’m not that nervous anymore when the┬átime comes to go there and give birth.

So our baby girl might come any day now! We are both super excited to meet her!


  • Timo

    It just takes time :)
    Our son was even two weeks late…in Finland when my wife started to get regular contractions on the 14th due date we cold the hospital and they told us to wait for a few more hours. Most people get normal send back home when they have contractions except if they had already a child before


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    It really is true that the close the due date comes, or even over it, the slower the time seems to go :)


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