Good and bad reasons for learning Chinese

For learning Chinese there are both good and bad reasons to get started. Let’s hop in with the worst reasons to study Chinese.

1. I’ve been living in China for ages and I feel guilty of not learning

Why it’s a bad reason? Because it’s not motivating! And our lives are too short to feel guilty about things, let alone not learning Chinese. It’s hard to turn this negative feeling into successful learning.

2. My spouse or friend wants to drag me along to a Chinese course

Again there is a lack of motivation and even there is a chance you end up liking Chinese, most likely you will just feel like you wasted money on learning something you didn’t want to learn.

What are the good reasons to study Chinese then? Let’s turn this negativity train around!

1. I’m interested in the language and learning process

The motivation comes within! This kind of student is likely to continue learning at least as long that reside in China.

2. I have a real need to learn the language

This need is pushing you forward. It could be need to communicate daily matters, to get points for you visa application or to get that HSK level onto your CV.

3. I want to immerse in the culture I’m living in

You have a genuine interest in the Chinese culture and want to immerse in the new country. Language is the way to the hearts of the Chinese people, and you don’t want to miss it.

Whatever your reasons for learning Chinese are, make sure the want or needs comes from within!

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