Happy anniversary to us!

I know it’s cheesy, but yes we were married on a Valentine’s Day! No it wasn’t the day of our grand two part wedding party, but the day we officially became husband and wife five years ago.

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Later in May 2014 we organized a full day wedding that started with Chinese traditions and a lunch banquet.

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After lunch we switched gears and had a Finnish wedding party at a fancy hotel. As in all Finnish weddings, we danced until midnight!

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Since we married in 2014, there have been more and more foreign women married to Chinese men and we really aren’t an oddity anymore! Though there might be occasional stereotypic ideas about Chinese men, the positivity has increased year by year. I’m happy to notice my self how people are more open minded towards intercultural marriages.

Also year by year its less about our cultures and more about our personalities. Deep down intercultural marriages have mostly the same joys and sorrows as any marriage. Maybe added with some extra in-laws drama on top!

Happy Valentine’s Day (or Friends’ Day in Finland) to everyone!