Honeymoon in Malaysia


Its been almost a year since me and Alan got legally married in Guangzhou. In China you get a short marriage holiday that you can use during the first year and we decided to save it to the last month. After our first married year together, it is now the perfect time to explore something new together. Our destination was decided in a less romantic way, choosing discounted tickets!

This is our fourth day at Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia and we’ve been loving it! Coming from a huge city like Guangzhou, it’s so refreshing to be in a small town that you can walk from one end to the another in half an hour. The airport is just 7km away and many times per day we can hear and see the planes coming and going.

It’s not a high season here at the moment and that’s even better! It’s peaceful and quiet and even the busiest beach has space for everyone to enjoy the sun and the sea. In the photo above we are watching the sun set at Tanjung Aru Beach, the colors were amazing!

One of the highlight of this honeymoon was to try scuba diving together and we enrolled to the beginner scuba diver open water course. Unfortunately I got very afraid and panicked when practicing our skills in the sea, but luckily Alan found himself a great new hobby. I already plan to take hime horse riding when we go to Finland this Summer! Its an old hobby of mine that I started in primary school. Or if we go during Winter, then it would be snowboarding!

Sun and my white skin doesn’t go together that well and even with sunscreen I managed to get burned. The perfect excuse to rest a day and chill out at the hostel Lavender Lodge where we are staying. Tomorrow new adventures awaits us!

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