Becoming fluent in Chinese: January Goal Check-In

I am almost too embarrassed to do this check-in for my goals, but perhaps after this humiliation I’m going to do better job in February. So let’s see how I did with my goals in January!


15 episodes of American TV and 8 episodes of Chinese TV (challenge started in the middle of the month). This looks like a big failure, but I promise you that I will get it even before Saturday.(I would blame this TV series.)


I published two Sara’s Mandarin Monday blog posts in Chinese which is according to the plan. Thank you everyone for giving me such a great feedback!


I did start my first book of the year (one of five), but have only read two pages. First I used a method where I checked almost every new word with the dictionary, but realized it’s not going to work. I need reading to be enjoyable in order to finish those five books this year. So I let my self to use any method I want (meaning sometimes checking the dictionary, sometimes not) if I just read the books and enjoy it.


The goal is to use Skritter everyday for 15 minutes. I have noticed that it’s really hard to keep up when I’m on a holiday. And will be even harden when my friend soon comes to visit me for two weeks. Here at the stats:

  • Days Studied: 14/31 (<- failure can be seen here)
  • Hours Studied: 7,5
  • Minutes Per Day: 14

To-do list for February

  • Keep the Chinese/American TV balance every week
  • Continue the good work with Sara’s Mandarin Monday
  • Read at least 100 pages of my current book
  • Do my best to make Skitter a daily habit when the new semester begins on 20th
  • Figure out a goal for spoken Chinese


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