My Dream Travel Destinations in China

My dream for this lifetime is to visit every province in China, until now I have visited Beijing, Shanxi, Shanghai, Hunan, Guangxi, Hainan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Shaanxi and Guangdong of course. The following three are destinations that I must visit sooner or later.

If you have visited these places, or have other recommendations, please leave a comment!

 photo by David and Jessie

Yunnan¬†has been on the top of my list for a long time now, but as it requires at least two weeks or even more, I’ve been waiting for the right time to go there. What I’ve heard of Yunnan is the beautiful landscape and climate that feels like it’s eternal Spring. There are also many minorities living in the area which makes it possible to learn a lot about different cultures on one trip.

My boyfriend wasn’t so cheery about our 17 hour train trip to Guizhou, but I still prefer traveling slowly. There’s just this special kind of feeling when traveling on the train, playing games and eating snacks. It’s also a good time to catch up on some reading about the destinations and plan hiking routes.


photo by momo

Tulou is a traditional building of the Hakka minority, they can be found on the both sides of the border in Guangdong and Fujian provinces. I’m not sure why but for some reason this kind of architecture have interested me for a while now and I can’t wait to visite on of the villages.

We even had a school trip arranges to Meizhou to see tulou, but unfortunately it wasn’t for us degree students. Visiting tulous could be ideally put together with a trip to Xiamen which I’ve heard nice things about too. Many foreign students study Chinese there and me and my boyfriend almost visited it last December. Because of ticket situation we went to Hengshan instead.

Besides Hakka villages with tulous houses, I also wish to visit as many ancient villages in China as possible. There is just something in the rural China that attracts me much more than the urban China. Some interesting destinations include Wuyuan in Jiangxi and Danbazangzhai in Sichuan.


photo by reurinkjan

Then there is of course Tibet, the place where all the travellers seem to want to travel once in a lifetime. This is a big dream for my boyfriend and I wonder was it because of the movie where a guy rides a bike to Lhasa and back to honor his late brother.

Going to Tibet isn’t that easy for a foreigner because we need a permission to go. The rules seem to be changing all the time and this kind of trip would require weeks. I don’t have any hurry to visit Tibet, it feels more like a destination that I will visit some day, but that day is still somewhere in the future.

What is your dream travel destination in China?