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New HSK test level 5: My thoughts about today’s exam

I just came back from the new HSK test level five. I think it went ok, but I don’t want to be too optimistic and then be disappointed if I don’t even pass. I will get the results in month and will let you know how I did. Or if I don’t, you’ll know I did a poor job at the exam.

Here are some of my thoughts about the new HSK 5 test and some comparison with the old HSK Elementary-Intermediate exam that includes the levels from 3 to 8.


Listening section is much easier than in the old HSK. In my opinion the first questions are even too easy to be put in a level five exam. In the end of the section there were some questions that I wasn’t so sure about, but in overall I think the listening went pretty well.


There isn’t any separate grammar section like in the old HSK, which is a relief for me. But like I wrote yesterday, the most difficult thing was to be fast enough. I didn’t have time to read all of the articles that closely, just read the questions and found the answers.

The level of the reading section was well suited for level five I think. Some quite easy ones, and some that I wasn’t so sure. I’m not too worried with this either, but getting a low score from this section is also possible.


In the first part there where two or three tricky sentences and I’m not sure if I put the words in the right order or not. Some of them included words that I didn’t recognize and it made constructing the sentences more difficult. But I finished the first part quite quickly because I wanted to leave more time for the second part.

The words in the first essay were: 辅导,进步,方法,完全,明显. I’m not sure if I used the words 完全 and 明显 correctly in my essay, because there wasn’t much time to think what to write. I wrote about how it’s a good method to have a Chinese person to tutor you when you’re learning Chinese. I almost forgot 进步, but luckily noticed it in time and added one more sentence in the end.

The picture was a photo of a man and woman carrying an armchair together. I wrote how important friends are for us and how a friend should be ready to help another friend in need, for example when moving to a new room.

The writing section is more difficult in the new HSK than in the old HSK, but still the old one isn’t too easy either. In the old HSK there are text or texts where 15 characters here and there are left out. You have to figure out what those characters are and remember how to write them. Besides this there are also texts where words are left out and you have to choose from multiple choices which word is the correct one.

Which one is better? Old or new HSK?

After trying the new HSK for the first time I now prefer it over the old HSK. But I also think the listening section should be more difficult and in the same level with the reading section. New HSK doesn’t have much grammar questions, but I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing in general. I only know that in the old HSK grammar was my weakest section.

At least at the moment I’m happy with my performance in the exam and have a good feeling about it. I really hope that I won’t be disappointed when I get the results.

Did anyone else take the HSK today? How did it go?


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