New video: Old house in the village

New video is published on my YouTube Channel! This time I shoot a video of our home, and an old Chinese house in the village. Most foreigners I know in the city live in rather fancy apartments in the city center or at least comfortable places along the Pearl River. Our family home is something totally different!

The Ling Clan has lived in this village for the past 700 years, that time they fled the war in the Fujian district and decided to settle on an island where it was safe, just 20 kilometers from the Guangzhou city center. Back in 2013, I wrote on the blog how we planned to start the cleaning up and renovations of this house. In another post, you can see how the rooms used to look and the blueprint for the house. In May 2014 we had settled into our new (old) home and before you go over to YouTube to see how our house is looking these days, check out these old photos first.

For the video tour of our house in the village, head over to my YouTube Channel: