Our new Chinese courses are starting!

My Chinese language center in Guangzhou, called Expat Chinese, is starting a new semester right after the Chinese New Year. Now is the time to take a look of what kind of Chinese courses we are offering here in Guangzhou.

At Expat Chinese we teach Chinese the Western Way!

Founder, Sara Jaaksola

Chinese courses at our Zhujiang New Town Center

Chinese Courses at our Clifford Wonderland Panyu Center

No matter at which level you are, we have the right option for you.

New to learning Chinese? Choose our Beginners Chinese and HSK 1 characters courses. Also welcome to our beginners Chinese Corner!

Have you studied Chinese for half a year and/or passed HSK1? Then go for the Chinese 2 course and HSK 2 characters course. Also join our Elementary conversational class!

Have been studying Chinese for a year and been learning characters as well? Have passed HSK level 2 test? Then enroll to our intensive HSK 3 comprehensive course.

Whant to improve your spoken Chinese? Our conversational courses and Chinese Corner are for you!

For more information about us please see: About Expat Chinese

For more information on our Spring 2019 courses please see: Spring 2019 Chinese Courses


Highlights from 2018

Happy New Year 2019 to everyone in China and abroad! On the first day it’s time to look back to the highlights of last year 2018 before moving forward.

Started the year with a tour to Shenjing Village with Expat Chinese students. Showing the historical side of Guangzhou.

Celebrated 4th wedding anniversary at the Ritz-Carlton buffet lunch.

Welcomed the year of the dog.

Finally visited Kaiping with my family! A must historical destination to visit in Guangdong province.

Rented a second classroom at Zhujiang New Town, hired our first full-time teacher.

Attended Women’s Empowerment event and joined Global Friendship, an organization that plans meaningful events in Guangzhou and nearby cities.

Went to the GWIC charity gala and attended many other GWIC events through the year. In this photo with my first Chinese language student who I met in September 2014.

Had our first cultural workshop organized by Bowtie History.

Went to the beach of Yangjiang with family.

Had delicious dim sum with Expat Chinese students.

Second workshop with Sinellia Tea dived into the history and culture of Chinese Tea.

Went to Finland to attend my brother’s high school graduation. In this photo with my (from the right) brother, mother, brother-in-law, sister, brother and my husband and daughter.

Family trip to Tallinn!

Company dinner! At this point we employed one full time and three part time teachers.

Gave a DU Talk about international marriage.

My husband’s first gym opened, the second is about to open later this month (January 2019).

Our daughter started first grade of Chinese kindergarten.

Started attending Entrepreneurs Roundtable events organized by Global Friendship.

During National Week in October led three tours to explore different parts of our island and Xiaozhou village.

Joined the K2Fit fitness community to surround my self with active and positive energy!

Went to Canadian Chamber of Commerce launch party, as we Finns don’t have organizations of our own here.

Our daughter turned 3 years old.

Expat Chinese had a booth at the yearly GWIC Holiday charity Bazaar.

Started Mette’s amazing Learning Leader program to learn more about important soft skills that help me to lead my self and my business better.

Went camping with my daughter to Cliffhaus.

Started regular company training on topics of education, teaching, self development etc. Started offering weekly English lessons to our staff with an American teacher.

Workshop on Chinese Medicine with doctor Roxana.

Started 66 days study challenge with 20+ students studying Chinese everyday.

Had our second workshop with Sinellia Tea learning how to serve Chinese Tea properly.

Anna’s first performance!

Christmas Party with Expat Chinese students and staff at our home.

Opened our second location in Clifford!

To kick off the 2019 let’s meet at our new center to learn about Chinese language, culture, travel and tea from three foreign experts!

To join scan the flyer or add my WeChat: yaxuefang.

Happy New Year 2019!


Chinese courses in Guangzhou – Expat Chinese Autumn 2018

Chinese courses in Guangzhou


Autumn 2018 is here! This time of the year is always very exciting time at my Chinese language center, Expat Chinese. Meeting new students again after Summer holidays and making new friends with our new comers. New courses are starting and all of our teachers are eager to get the Autumn rolling.

When I started teaching Chinese back in 2014, and even when I officially started Expat Chinese in January 2017, I would never have known that it would grow to be such an excellent Chinese learning center as it is now. And this is just the beginning! Expat Chinese is definitely my dream come true.

Our Autumn semester starts next week and some of our courses still have spots available. Please see the picture above for more details.


My first online course! Survival Chinese 101 is launching


Exciting news! I am publishing my very first online course 1st of July and it’s alrady accessible as a beta course right now. You can find my course at: expatchinese.teachable.com/p/survival-chinese-101


Who is this course for?

Survival Chinese 101 -course is for everyone who want’s to learn just enough Chinese to survive their holiday, business trip or their first weeks in China. Nothing extra, nothing too difficult, just the basics you need when communicating with the locals.

This is a course for zero beginners who want to try learning Chinese and dip their toes in the water. Have you ever thought about learning Mandarin? If yes, this course is the perfect start.



How do I study this course?

Each lecture has a video lesson to follow, quiz, PDF exercises you can print out and a comments sections where you can ask all your questions and connect with yout fellow classmates.

Survival Chinese 101 -course can be studied at your own phase, whenever or whereever you want.


Why to join now?

The course is open for beta testers at a reduced price of 99USD. As a beta tester you get to start the course right away, get free coaching from me and get to give feedback that will affect how the end product will look like. Help me in creating a course that fits your needs!


Full course launching July 1st!

Find out more at Survival Chinese 101 and check our the preview video of the course!


A 2-year-old learning Chinese and Finnish

When our daughter started speaking she spoke mostly Cantonese as she was home with a nanny a lot. But now Mandarin had completely replaced it and Finnish is a good second.

At home I speak Finnish with Anna and my husband speaks Mandarin. She goes to daycare where she hears both Mandarin and Japanese. Cantonese she hears once a week at the grand parents house and English occasionally when we meet friends.

Anna has now clearly entered a phase of rapid language learning. She is starting to form sentences like 佩奇睡觉 Peppa is sleeping and 佩奇哪里啊 Where is Peppa. Yes, Peppa Pig is hugely popular at our household.

In Finnish she isn’t forming sentences yet, but knows a lot of words. Some words she only uses Finnish, some she knows in Mandarin as well. Anna calls me mama (mother) in Chinese and only just today said äiti (mother in Finnish) after I told her to use that term. Not sure when she will change to äiti for real.

Anna doesn’t separate the languages yet in a sense that she would speak only Finnish to me or only Chinese to daddy. Of course she knows I understand Chinese too. And my husband have learned some Finnish from Anna as well!

Right now Anna is big on giving orders: syö (eat in Finnish), 坐 (sit in Chinese) just to name two. She had strong opinions and preferences as well.

Anna likes to look at pictures and say the names of items and animals, if she doesn’t know it she will ask us. She likes repeating what we say and is learning new words almost daily.

We feel Anna had a bit of foreign accent in both her Mandarin and Finnish, but it’s a first time for us so don’t know if that happens with all kids.

At the daycare Anna is very quiet, just saying 要 want and 不要 don’t want. Typical introverted Finnish! But at home she speaks nonstop, most of it we don’t yet understand.

I feel this is going to be super interesting this coming year to see how Anna’s languages improve. Can’t wait to communicate more with her!