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Summer in Finland

It’s the last Summer month in Finland and we are in the middle of our holiday. Next in the agenda is to visit Tampere and Helsinki!

My home town is small and one day is enough to visit all then”sights”. Now that my mother’s vacation is over and my little brother will be back to school next week, the days will be quiet for me and my daughter. Luckily in Tampere and Helsinki I’ll be able to meet more of my old friends.

We’ve already visited Lahti, Kuopio and Porvoo in Finland, also made a quick trip to the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. I’ve been concentrating on second hand shopping as China doesn’t really have flea markets yet. 

For a few days temperature rose to 25 Celsius and we head to the beach where I used to swim every Summer when I was a kid. Water was around 19 Celsius, pretty warm I’d say!

My little brother (one of them, I have two brothers and a sister) is super into sports and we have done nice long walks with him and Anna in the baby carrier.

We have also been to the forest to pick blueberries as its a must activity for all Finns during the Summer! You ain’t no Finn if you haven’t braved some mosquitos in the forest while eating and picking berries! 

Anna has made friends with two dogs and a cat so far. She is clearly an animal lover! The cats run away while dogs like her company. Let’s see what our two cats will do when they realize Anna can crawl much faster now, they need to be careful!

It’s been a great holiday so far and we are going to enjoy the last month to the fullest as well. I’ve had some mild case of reverse culture shock, but I believe visiting bigger cities like Tampere and Helsinki will at least partly cure it. 

Until next time!


  • Timo

    Lucky lucky you to be able to be there so long. We only had 13 days with 9 at our cottage in Kauhajoki and 4 days in Helsinki to spent some time with friends and check out our old apartment and what our renter had done with it. I really would love to live there still but the economical situation is just terrible and let’s not talk about the insane prices for everything…


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    I was supposed to teach a course in early September but now that it’s probably cancelled I need to find new things to do. Next year I think 1.5 months is more than enough to see everything and everyone. But you are right, 13 days isn’t much!


  • Marta

    I would love so have such a long holiday! I will need to quit my job at some point :P

    Enjoy the rest of the summer!


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    Thanks Marta, it’s been a great holiday. But I decided to return to Guangzhou earlier as my course in Finland won’t start and I have students waiting in Guangzhou.


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