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Living a Dream in China’s very first blog post was published back in June 2010. Since that day I have published around 200 blog posts and they have gathered over 1000 comments. There have been hard times when I have stopped writing for a long time, or when this blog was attacked by a hacker. But mostly there have been wonderful times when you readers have shared your experiences and given advice to others through the comment section.

Photos are also an important part of Living a Dream in China and if not stated otherwise, they are all taken by me. Most of the blog posts are also written by me, but recently I’ve been happy to have guest writers as well. Through their guest posts when can learn about China for different ankles and perspectives.

I have introduced advertisement, affiliate marketing and other cooperation with websites and companies to my blog little by little. As a still very green blogger I sometimes haven’t done it in a best way possible. I’m still learning. Because of that I decided to start using a small button to mark all the commercial posts on this blog, starting from today. You can see the button below.commercial

Why there are commercials on Living a Dream in China? The blog is getting bigger and is in a need of a bigger web hosting plan very soon. As we all know, web hosting costs money. I also want to see this blog to grow to its full potential, to offer advice, tips and stories about living in China to foreigners coming to and staying in China.

Based in comments and emails, you readers have been happy to see more blog posts published recently. (Please share your wishes, hopes and critique in the comments so I can make this blog better for you!) I have also grown very attached to this blog and hope to continue posting three times per week. Commercials, and the small revenue they make, help me to give more of my time for Living a Dream in China.

My golden line is to continue posting about living in China, learning Chinese and occasional posts about dating and family life in China. Which kind of posts would you like to see more? Or if you have any ideas for new kinds of posts or topics, feel free to tell me in the comments.

Thank you everyone reading my blog, leaving your comments, sending me emails, chatting with me on my Facebook Page, following me on Twitter and meeting me face to face. Thank you for making Living a Dream in China a place for us to learn more about our selves and each other.


  • John

    You can find web hosting for $10-20 per month. How about drop the commercial posts, and instead use Amazon affiliate links when linking to books or products? Of course only link if relevant.


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    Hi John, thank you for the tip.

    Yes, my web hosting falls to that price range as well.

    According to my experiments just having Amazon affiliate links when I link to books or products (mostly books in my case) isn’t really a good way to make money in my blog. The results so far have been quite minimal.


  • R Zhao

    It’s funny to me that bloggers feel the need to apologize for having ads on their blogs, while readers feel entitled to free content. Such is the internet.

    I feel like most blogs I read include ads done in good taste, without being annoying or distracting. I totally support your need to do to bring some revenue in. You have spent a lot of time on your blog and the advice you give has been incredibly helpful to many of your readers and at no cost to them.

    Good luck!


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    Yes, it is kind of funny. I’ve gotten in to this blogging world quite deeply during the years that in theory I’m familiar with the business side of the blogosphere, but I also know that for many readers it’s a big no-no.

    I totally want to include ads that are relevant to my blog and helpful for my readers.


  • Eva Tromans

    I agree, it is awkward to ask about ads. I run two blogs now, one about my Chinese experience and one about my cooking at home in the UK. I spend a lot of time cooking, writing up, giving advice on how to get the best results, as well as spending money on the ingredients (some of which are not cheap), so I agree, we shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about getting a little recompense. And let’s face it, the money from ads isn’t really that much.
    But about the topics, more posts about family and every day life in China! Tell us how you met your current boyfriend, and post some cute pics of you guys together! Not enough detail on your “on dating Chinese men” blog entry! lol


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Eva. You brought up a good point, blogging often has expenses besides the webhosting fees. And of course it can take a lot of your time.

    I will keep those topics in mind and write more about them! We would need someone to take photos of us, we actually have a very few photos taken together.


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