Welcome 2013! Welcome the year of the snake!


Welcome back to Living a Dream in China! My blog is back up again after hacking, many more hacking attempts, problems with web hosting and WordPress itself. Besides my blog, I had some problems myself as well. I broke up with my boyfriend, lost my motivation on studying and spent months on getting things right again.

Christmas I was sick in bed, but on my birthday (30th of Dec) I spent on top of the Heng Mountain. Coming back to Guangzhou on the first day of 2013 was like a new beginning. I still had to finish my exams, but when my winter holiday finally begun on the 16th last week, I felt so relieved. I’m ready to prepare for the year of the snake!

Next semester I will continue having classes, my last courses of the bachelor degree. I will prepare for the HSK6 exam and pass it before I graduate. Then next Autumn I will write my bachelor thesis and finally graduate in December. This is going to be a great year!

How have everyone been recently?