What Is The Wall Between The Village and The Asian Games?

[local /wp-content/uploads/2010/10/AsianGamesAds.wmv]

I recently posted about how Guangzhou is polishing her self for Asian Games that are just around the corner. One part of that is to build walls surrounding few shabby looking villages here in Higher Educational Mega Center (University Town/Island).

Here is a small and bumpy video clip showing the wall between Nanting village and Asian Games stadium (one of them). Sorry for the low quality. My boyfriend was riding a bike and I was sitting in the back shooting the clip. Other village called Beiting has the same kind of wall as well.

I am just wondering is this wall going to be around after the games too. It really makes the area look suspicious.


  • Sara

    Actually your are right Dave. But they but a cover on it to make it look like a brick wall. I only hope they will take it down after the games. I haven’t dared to ask the local people what they think, but last summer they were demolishing one building because of the games and almost all the villagers gathered to look and their faces weren’t happy.


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