Why to use the new Skritter app?

Skritter for iPadVideo of the app is uploading as we speak

Skritter app was launched today and there will be a lot of blog posts, tweets and status updates about the app. But why should you consider using the app yourself?

I started using the app in my iPad in the beginning of May and now it’s the time to see what use Skritter app have been for me. I’ve always thought that the website version is great, but the app is even better! Lets take a look at my learning stats. It’s easy to notice at what point I started using the app.

Skritter statsI have a table to go with my computer that allows me to use electronic pen to write, but for a lazy student like me, it felt like a huge task to get the tablet and pen ready to use. Skritter app have solved this problem as it’s very easy to just grab the iPad and start learning!

The best part is that you can use the app offline. I often take my iPad to the university and practice while waiting classes to begin or during my lunch break. At home I can lay on the couch and Skritter away! With an iPhone or iPod studying would be even easier while on the bus for example.

How much does Skritter app cost?

The first week is free so you can try the app out. After that it’s 9.99USD per month or even as low as 4.99USD per month if you buy a longer subscription. If your subscription runs out, you can still review for free. Only when you want to add new words you have to pay again!

Why would you like to use Skritter app?

  • Skritter makes managing you vocabulary much easier, it tells you what to study and when
  • With your iPhone, iPod or iPad you can take Skritter app everywhere with you, study offline in the bus, at school, during lunch break…
  • Writing with you finger or stylus is real writing and helps with your hand writing
  • With the app learning is like playing a game and you will always learn more when you feel it’s fun!
  • It works great both for full-time students of Chinese and expats who want to learn a few words while they live in China
  • The app is easy and fast to use

These are my reasons to choose Skritter and their app. Why not try the app for free for a week and see if you like it too?

Note! This blog post includes affiliate links. If you register to Skritter on their website through these links, I will get a small commission. I would really appreciate it! You can also pay through the app itself and that way Apple gets a percentage of your purchase.

More news and reviews (and a video!) will be published at my How Can I Learn Chinese website.