3 Bad Habits I’ve Unfortunately Picked Up While Living In China


While living in China you will unconsciously pick up some of their habits and customs. Some of them might be really good, like giving your seat to the elderly and kids, but unfortunately you might acquire some bad habits as well. This is my top 3 sins while living in China.

Thank you Benny, I got the idea for this post after reading yours: The 23 strangest habits you’ll pick up after living in 23 different countries

1. Stop saying thank you

Chinese people often don’t say thank you to waiters, shop assistants or other people in customer service. Money is being thrown to the counter for you or the cashier to pick it up. When buying something the only thing that might come out of the cashiers mouth is the price.

In Finland we don’t say nearly as many thank yous as in America for example, but China seems to be lacking even more. On the other hand, if someone is being super nice and polite to you, you might be getting ripped off. When there is next to no words exchanged, then you are being treated like a local, with a local price.

2. Rush to the bus

Even though I keep on queuing for metros, but when it’s time to hop on to the minibus that takes me home from the metro station, it’s like a 100 metre running race out there! After a few times I quickly learned where the bus is approximately going to stop and wait there patiently while Chinese students are running back and forth.

When the bus stops then comes the elbows, I feel like being pushed left and right, just trying to balance my self and get into the bus. As no one is standing in the line, I’m not letting anyone to rush before me from my back.

3. Ignore others around you

In Finland anyone greeting you on the street is your relative, friend or a neighbour. Here in China total strangers might greet me, stare at me or even take photos of me.

If it’s a small kid, then I usually play along and greet back smiling. But if it’s a grownup shouting “halou, halou” or “missy, missy” at me, then I just ignore them.

Chinese people don’t often care about strangers, as they have nothing to do with them. One time I saw a guy with an open backpack in the metro and though about telling him about it for a few minutes before he vanished inside the metro. I hope nothing was stolen from him.

What bad habits have you (unfortunately) picked up when living in China?