And then the holiday was over

Holiday in Finland have been absolutely great. First Finland won ice hockey world championship on May 15th and then today was my little sister’s high school graduation (check out the photo!). Besides my sister I also have two younger brothers. I still haven’t figured out how to call my brothers in Chinese and be clear who is who.

Many of my friends have asked me how it feels like to be back to Finland. Normal, it just feels normal. I haven’t been away that long. But still something have changed.

I’m not part of the daily life here anymore. My friends can’t find the words to express what they have been doing during the year so they just reply with “I’m fine, nothing have happened”.

But what will happen after during the next two or three years that I will stay in China? And what if I decide to stay even longer? Will I feel weird on my summer vacations back home and miss Guangzhou? There are many questions and not so many answers. Maybe the most terrifying would be starting to hate living in China.

I have less than a week left from my holiday. One month is such a short time but then on the other hand I’ve spent hours and hours watching TV and reading because everyone is at school or work during the days.

All in all it’s been an amazing time here in Finland. I am almost wanting to go back to Guangzhou but then in a second I remember how hot it must be by now!