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And then the holiday was over

Holiday in Finland have been absolutely great. First Finland won ice hockey world championship on May 15th and then today was my little sister’s high school graduation (check out the photo!). Besides my sister I also have two younger brothers. I still haven’t figured out how to call my brothers in Chinese and be clear who is who.

Many of my friends have asked me how it feels like to be back to Finland. Normal, it just feels normal. I haven’t been away that long. But still something have changed.

I’m not part of the daily life here anymore. My friends can’t find the words to express what they have been doing during the year so they just reply with “I’m fine, nothing have happened”.

But what will happen after during the next two or three years that I will stay in China? And what if I decide to stay even longer? Will I feel weird on my summer vacations back home and miss Guangzhou? There are many questions and not so many answers. Maybe the most terrifying would be starting to hate living in China.

I have less than a week left from my holiday. One month is such a short time but then on the other hand I’ve spent hours and hours watching TV and reading because everyone is at school or work during the days.

All in all it’s been an amazing time here in Finland. I am almost wanting to go back to Guangzhou but then in a second I remember how hot it must be by now!


  • Someone

    Who’s that blonde beside you? She’s hot!

    Anyway, I worry that you’re becoming too detached from Finland and your social circle there. Where will you work and live for most of your life?

    Sara Reply:

    Hi Someone, that’s my little sister!

    I haven’t decided yet where I want to live and work. There are so many factors I need to consider. But I think there’s no rush deciding and things change so fast, that maybe I just go with the flow? I’ll be in China atleast until I graduate after three or two years, then will start looking for a job.

  • Chopstik

    When I was in China and then returned back “home” to the US, I found that things were different – and so was I. Embrace it and accept it as it will help you to become the person you will be. Live for today, not what might be tomorrow as tomorrow is not yet.

    Sara Reply:

    Thank you Chopstik for your wise words! It helps a lot to hear from others that they’ve had similar thoughts and feelings.

  • Tom

    After 4 years in China, I can tell you that the differences are greater each time I go home.
    I find that I have changed, and my friends have not, and the relationships just aren’t the same, but that hasn’t been enough reason for me to leave China yet.

    Sara Reply:

    Thanks for the heads up Tom. I think the reason to miss (or more being confused about) my changing relationships in Finland is because I haven’t created as strong relationships here in China yet. But I have to say that even a lot have happened during my first year in China, I still haven’t wanted to move back to Finland.

  • Marcus

    It is quite a sight to see your sister wearing a Ylioppilaslakki! I like it. Meanwhile I understand your struggle in coping with being estranged back home. However if you signed up to go to China in the first place there should be little to regret for. Although you are not part of their daily lives, being your real friends they should treat you not because how frequently they see you but who you are. In addition you have the opportunity to see the world. That is what I think as I study in UK and seldom see my friends in HK, even less so after moving to Shanghai. I remember the a suitable saying by 莊子:君子之交淡如水,小人之交甘若醴.

    Sara Reply:

    Did you check a dictionary Marcus or how did you know the word ylioppilaslakki?

    You are right, I don’t regret movin to China. In fact it was the bravest thing and smartest decision I’ve made! And luckily the best of friends still continue being my friend even we don’t communicate and meet each other too often.

    Marcus Reply:

    Well I always know there is this kind of special student cap in Scandinavian countries and given that yous are Finnish I though it would be respectful to find the correct word to call it. You must have a very long summer vacation as you are one month in holiday already.

    Sara Reply:

    Well Marcus, the holiday in Finland was not an official holiday neither in China or Finland. In Finland the summer holiday for shcool kids is from the beginning of June to the middle August. University students usually start their holiday in mid-May and continue it until the end of August. But for students the summer is not a holiday, but a good time to go to work and earn some money.

  • sean

    I hope you have found a place to live in GZ.

    Sara Reply:

    Thank you Sean, I did! I’m going to tell you all more about it soon and about renting an apartment in China.

  • antony

    Wow! Is your sister single?

    Sara Reply:

    My sister will be flattered. She have been dating a great guy about a year now so I’m sorry to tell you probably don’t have a chance ;)