China VPN

With a VPN you can access blocked sites like Facebook and Gmail from China. During the years I’ve used several free and paid VPN services on my laptop and iPhone. My old VPN unfortunately stopped working at home, where I use internet the most, and I have been using vyprvpn since Summer 2015.

I use VPN on my laptop, iPad and iPhone. I can choose which country to connect to, though I often choose the fastest connection. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to stram Finnish TV, so I choose to connect through Finland.

If you want to continue using Facebook, Twitter, blogs, newspaper websites etc while living in China, a trusted VPN service is a must!

Click here to try vyprvpn and see if it’s the best choice for you as well!

Disclaimer: I’m affiliated with vyprvpn and buying vyprvpn also helps you to support this blog. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “China VPN

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    While I don’t like China much. You don’t have to be stupid and biased against all Chinese.

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    mackhortonsuckslikeshit Reply:

    yes I agree

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