Getting to know Guangzhou: Sun Yat-Sen University north gate (Day time)

During day time the area around the north gate of Sun Yat-Sen University is quiet and peaceful.

City worker sweeping the ground.

Family members taking photos of each other.

Small girls running around.

Boys practicing roller skating.

Schoolkids resting after school day and wondering what to do.


  • ordinary malaysian

    Thanks for introducing Sun-Yet Sen Uni. I had seen some pictures and videos of the place from another blog which name I have forgotten. Nice and historical. I suppose you are doing your undergraduate there, Sara.

    Sara Reply:

    You are right, I’m starting my undergraduate there in September. I just love that campus!

  • lory

    i want to know the climate in Guangzhou now.From the pics, i feel not warm ,not cold.yeah i feel it’s like DaLian,and i hope you enjoy it continutely,good luck

    Sara Reply:

    Right now it’s about 33 to 35 degrees Celcius every day. It feels even hotter when there’s sunshine. For me it’s way too hot and I don’t enjoy the summer here. Autumn is the best time in Guangzhou when it’s warm and rarely rains.

  • xiaozhoucoldsea

    Looks pretty nice,Sara!And do you know the history of this Univ.?
    Altough it is located exactly the same place as founded in 1924 by Gov. of Repblic of China(中华民国,not the people’s public of china),it can hardly be deemed as the same one spiritually but a totally different college just with the identical name.Actually Sun Yat-Sen University was migrated to Kaohsiung in Taiwan with Kuomintang(国民党,now the ruling party in Taiwan) with its soul.You know Sun Yat-Sen(孙逸仙) who founded Kuomintang(国民党) and Republic Of China is held in so great esteem in chinese people all over the world as equivalent to George Washington In US.
    His idea of Three Principles of the People(三民主义) is a counterpart of “of the people, by the people, for the people” In US.He also demand humanism(人文精神) and independent thinking(独立思考) as the basic principle of the Univ. and the Univ. independent of government.
    Obviously the principle of today’s chinese Univ. (not only confined to Sun Yat-Sen University) is contrary to that of Sun Yat-Sen’s and even student’s complaining the high price of food in the refectory is deemed as anti-socialism by the Gov.So such Univ. named as Sun Yat-Sen is a disgrace to Sun Yat-Sen and maybe the name Maozedong University is much more fit for it.
    What i said above may seem little bit boring or even disappointing, but I only want you to understand China and its history more comprehensively and hope you won’t mind,Sara.

    Sara Reply:

    Thank you again for this history lesson. I don’t know anything about the history of my new university, but it surely would be interesting to find out more.