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See me on Chinese TV show Hello中国!

My first appearance on the Chinese TV is finally here! It was shown on GDTV late Thursday night this week and yesterday a friend of mine already found it online. Last month I wrote about how its was like to shoot the show, now it’s time to watch it.

I have to admit I haven’t watched it yet! Watching my self on a TV show like this makes me very nervous, almost more nervous than doing the quiz show. Perhaps it’s the same “logic” when you feel strange listening a recording of your own voice, it just sounds different. I’m gonna watch it soon together with my husband who also makes an appearance with my mother-in-law.

Speaking of my popo (MIL) she of course watched the whole show on TV and called all family members and friends to watch it too. Many of my friends and teachers have also sheared it on WeChat. Thank you everyone for the encouragement!

I really hope that you all enjoy the show! Please let me know if it’s too slow to watch outside of China and I will do my best to get it to Youtube.


  • Grace Buchele

    Wow! This was so interesting to watch (I’m not all the way through, yet, but I’m having a great time). You can speak Chinese fluently! That’s so cool!

    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    Thanks :) I never dare to say I speak fluently, not even English.

  • Eva Tromans

    Wow, this is so cute, and so cool to see what you sound like. Yes, I agree, the Chinese is impressive, and also you look very beautiful in your qipao and your husband looks very handsome! I love the little bio videos they did for each contestant as well. Reminds me of memories of when I was in China!

    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    Thank you Eva :)

  • Kaiser


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    我老公挺搞笑的 :D

  • Kaiser

    我有个问题。你们穿的衣服是你们选择的,还是节目剧组员选择的?因为,在美国,那个老美穿的衣服会被认为一点也不酷!一点也不酷! 相比之下,你穿的旗袍又美又豪!

    Sara Jaaksola Reply:


  • Ivy

    your Chinese is awesome-very impressed!

    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    The goal is towards awesomeness, but I don’t think that goal is achievable from the learner’s point of view. The goal just gets further and further away as you progress :)

  • DJ

    Moi 雪芳,thanks for your sharing. It’s a very nice program. The last question about 沉鱼落雁闭月羞花 is really difficult for foreigners who learnt Chinese even for years, I think, let alone for many Chinese. Though we may all know who are the historical Four Beauties, I guess not all Chinese are able to correctly link the exact descriptive part of these 成语 to the corresponding beauty. I could feel the same as your husband and mom-in-law (when the camera went through their faces the moment everyone saw what super hard question the last one is). Good job! I wish my suomen kielen taito can be as good as your Chinese someday. :P

    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    I can see you are already doing very well with your suomi as you had the correct grammar on “suomen kielen taito” ;)

  • PrincessRune

    You look beautiful in your wedding 旗袍 and I had a sense of pride watching your mother in law’s enthusiasm for the ‘introduction’ clip. It was also nice to see other foreigners haling from different countries and of different ethnicities- especially the black woman. I am a black american female, and very interested in Mandarin and Chinese culture but apprehensive of how I will be received or treated. Yet I think about visiting daily and read your blog whenever I can! Thanks for the post and video share!

  • Fred

    Oh, Sarah. I forgot to ask you how I can email you a question as I do not see where in your blog there is a space for “how to contact” you. Please advise.

    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    Hi Fred, you can email me at sara (a) sarajaaksola . com, but unfortunately of my busy life, my replied to emails have been postponed till the holidays. But I do read all the emails I get!