Mandarin Monday: My contribution to Chinese essay competition

Every semester Sun Yat-Sen University has an essay competition for us foreign students. Last year I came second among us advanced students and this year I participated too. The results aren’t out yet, but I’m not too hopeful. There were many advanced class students this year.

We had 2 hours and 20 minutes to write an essay. We could choose from ten topics (or perhaps even something else) and could use an electronic dictionary (I used Pleco). I didn’t have time to go over my essay so I’m sure there are plenty of mistakes in it.

Click the pictures below to see them larger.

Chinese essay for a competitionChinese essay for a competition

The competition also has prizes! Last semester the first got 200RMB, second 150RM and third 100RMB. Besides that your essay will be published in the university’s magazine!

What you think, do I even have a chance?