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Short trip to Beijing
Short trip to Beijing

My blog has experienced a lots of problems during the past month and was hacked and cleaned a few times in a row. I hope that those problems are now past us and I can continue blogging!

These months I’ve been very busy with out beautiful baby girl and it’s a real joy to see her grow and learn new things on a daily basis. I still have posts coming up on giving birth in China, applying for a Finnish citizenship and passport and all those paperwork that is needed for a Foreign-Chinese baby.

At the beginning of this month I also finished my master’s thesis! Another great milestone behind me. The presentation of my thesis is next month and if all goes well I will receive my diploma at the end of June. Then head to Finland for a long Summer holiday back home with our baby and my family.

I have continued teaching Chinese again, taking just a few students this Spring. I’ll be looking forward to getting back to working full-time in September when I’m back from my Summer in Finland. I have big plans ahead!

At the same time my husband has been working on something super exciting as he is opening a Japanese bakery with his partners. They will be opening in a few weeks!

Already lots of exciting things at the beginning of this year, can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds for us!


  • gordon chung

    is his bakery in Guangzhou??? Next time i am in Guangzhou, i would like to try his Japanese pastries.
    please give the name in Chinese as i read Chinese. thank you.


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    Hi Gordon! Yes the bakery is in Guangzhou, you can find it at the Liede metro station :)


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