Chinese food I enjoyed during my 5 week trip in China

Still an adventure. In my first week in Beijing I thought

that 20元 (20CNY is about 2,3 euros) is an extremely

good price for a meal.

Soon I found out that I can get a simple meal for 5元.

That’s only 60 cents.

The best food is usually found where there’s no

English menu. Just step off from the main street

and head to where locals eat. If you’re lucky they have

pictures and you can point. If not, then look what they are

eating around you. One dish is around 20元.

If you have a bunch of friends look for a hot potplace.

At best it is messy, loud and delicious.

Be careful if you order the spicy soup in Sichuan!

In China I have eaten the best and the worst food.

My mom should be proud because all those strange green

things have been coming to my bowl!

I have also eaten calamari, pig’s stomach and dog.