Why Am I Leaving The Best Country In The World?

(Prizes my younger little brother have won from ice hockey and football)


I knew it. According to Newsweek Finland is the best country in the world. China is on the 59th place. Let’s do little bit comparing between the two homes of mine. Finland’s overall score is 89,31 and China’s 62,10. The best score Finland got from education because the literacy rate is 100%. Also according to PISA the Finnish education is the best in the world.

In China the economic dynamism got good scores but political environment was ranked to be one of the worst. Also the education was only on the 61th place but that seems to be understandable when I remember some complaints of  Chinese university students. One of them said directly that politic lessons are completely waste of time.

It may seem to be crazy to leave the best country in the world but being a foreigner in China is not the same than being a Chinese in China. I can’t fully explain my interest towards China but it definitely is a adventure. I want to see if I can understand and survive it. I have no need to change China even I would definitely want to see some things change. I am there to observe and learn why they do things the way they do.

Hopefully someday I see a new China that is better than today. But I think that will not happen before some changes take place in the governance.

Photo by lago Laz.