Day 29 of mostly staying at home due to outbreak

We aren’t under quarantine, our city is not under lockdown, but it’s been 29 days since there was any type of normalcy in our lives here in Guangzhou, China. Now finally we are starting to take steps back into our everyday lives.

But first lets take a loot what precautions we have taken during these weeks.

Wearing masks whenever we go outside, if we are somewhere alone we take the masks on and put back on if someone comes. It’s not that we are worried them infecting us, it’s a sign of “I care about you, so I’m going to protect you and me by putting my mask on”.

We only go out to work, to the supermarket to to go our for a walk. During these 29 days we haven’t gone to any playgrounds, shopping malls (to have fun) or restaurants for a meal.

When I go to work they will always check a few things: am I wearing a mask, have I registered through the Guangzhou Health App and my temperature. Temperature checks happen in all buildings, shopping malls, shops, restaurants and so on. Everyone is always very polite when checking our temperatures.

Elevators limit the amount of people inside, see the squares marked with tape, only one person in one square is allowed. In my office all elevators provide hand sanitazers, in other places there might be tissues you can use to push the buttons safely.

My office space finally opened its doors on February 10th, following a disinfection team cleaning out all the surfaces. I am taking care of cleaning and disinfecting our two classrooms.

Each time I drive back home they will check my temperature, am I wearing a mask, a local community health app registration and also if there is someone in my trunk. Apparently there has been cases where people have tried to avoid the check by hiding in the trunk.

The outbreak isn’t over yet, but we are taking steps towards normal life. Everyone is getting back to work, though many choosing to work remotely. Restaurants will soon allow in dining as well. More people are outside and coming out for walks in the park. Some shops are reopening.

On February 14th we celebrated Valentine’s Day and our 6th anniversary. This outbreak has been a huge hit to us financially, the effects will be seen for the coming months.

But at the same time we have been able to spend more time together than we ever have in years. We have been creative in keeping ourselves entertained and thinking of new ways to provide for our family.

Looking forward to each day getting better!