Exciting or boring? Ordinary life of a full-time student in China

Life in a foreign country and in a place like China might sound really exciting and exotic. When I go back to Finland I hear lots of wow’s after telling people where I live at the moment. Sometimes talking about my recent life happening sound like bragging because every sentence starts like “But in China they…” or “In Guangzhou I…”

But when chatting with people in Finland, it’s usually necessary to make clear which place I’m talking about. I’ve been living in China for more than two years now so I can’t really talk about much if I would ban the word China altogether. I’m not sure if other people think like this, but my friend who lives in Malta has similar thoughts too.

I recently got an email which said: “I guess I’m just hoping that since you seem to love the place, you’ll have some cool ideas for stuff to do/ places to visit.”

Unfortunately I have to break the news and tell you, my life is actually quite boring! Go to class, do homework, eat, sleep and watch Chinese TV dramas! I spend most of my free time at home, not exploring Guangzhou or bar hopping. I’m sure many expats have a far more interesting life in here than I do.

I really do like my own boring life here, but it might not be that interesting to hear about it. Or is it?


And finally I would like to introduce my new side project: How Can I Learn Chinese -blog! This new blog is about short introductions and reviews about Chinese learning resources, links, tips and apps. I hope you will find it helpful! I’ve already scheduled post per day for the following week.